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  1. That definitely sounds like the better option, especially considering you get to support the community. Good on you, my friend ✊
  2. Ohhhh! That’s great. How much are you paying for it through this group buy? Admittedly, I am so very far from mastering the group buy process.
  3. It’s a surprisingly really great and enjoyable flick. I really recommend it if you ever need a good popcorn film to view. And I am so with you. The media book artwork is great. I think I’m going to pick it up. I hope we get a steelbook or full slip even, as well.
  4. I’m not sure if this is the right place for this discussion, but has anyone heard of the incredibly and surprisingly enjoyable “Shadow in the Cloud” flick getting a steelbook release? Right now, I see it has a media book only, but man does it also deserve a steelbook. This film really surprised and impressed me. I feel it’s almost one of the best popcorn flicks in recent years. What are your thoughts? I really hope we see a steelbook or even a full slip for this enjoyable piece of cinema.
  5. Oh, nooo that’s horrible. I hope they recover. They have such beautiful releases. I’m currently picking up some items from third party suppliers, so of course things are more expensive, but I did notice a handful of websites had zero items available for pre-order when I first looked to purchase directly through their platforms. I thought that was strange, but now this makes sense. my steel heart has been dented. I’ll keep my eyes out for some positive changes. I truly hope this happens. On a positive note, I’m happy to be amongst you glorious people thank you for the
  6. Interesting! I’m glad to hear this information concerning WeET and HDZeta. Those are two manufacturers I’ve been eyeing, WeET, especially. WEA is so damn gorgeous the majority of the time. I hope to get a hold of some of their products in the near future. Plain Archive is another manufacturer that has really been interesting me recently. I have an Only Lovers Left Alive Lenti coming in the near future which I’m excited to study and stare at. PA seems to make solid full slips. Thanks for your kind offer of assistance, my good individual. I will be certain to reach out if I ru
  7. Interesting! I’m keen to learn about these manufacturers. They make a sizable impact and do so in silence. That’s intriguing.
  8. WCL was the only other one I was aware of not having their own platform of sorts. That’s good intel. The sneak is strong with these providers of steel.
  9. Random question, but does MLIFE have no official online presence? I can’t even find a website to research this company. I’m just now hearing about them, honestly.
  10. Oh, I would so want this. I have a special place for Filmarena, their being my first full slip purchase. I signed up for the hmv exclusive steelbook, but will definitely have to jump on this product, as well, whenever it comes out for a gb.
  11. Thanks my good and awesome people. Seriously, an excellent welcome. The budget advice is sooo right on. I’ve gotten myself in trouble since starting a small full slip collection, luckily nothing I can’t recover from, just a larger balance than I anticipated. Things can quickly get out of hand when spending money on items you truly enjoy. Regardless, I pace myself now having learned from that initial round of excitement, slowly and steadily building my collection instead of making huge purchases all at once. Speaking of which, I just started getting protectors for my steelbooks and full
  12. Thank you for the kind welcome and reply. I’m glad to have a lay of the land so to say I, too, started out with Best Buy steelbooks, moving on to including anime and video game stuff. It seems like Best Buy is the gateway to steelbook collections, haha. I’ve only recently started looking towards premium full slips and what not, having a handful right now that started with a beautiful copy of “First Man”, but geez, things have progressed. I now need to dive into some One Click stuff, which is just an incredible bundle. Needless to say, I need some new shelves and towers for my collectio
  13. Hello all. I’m new to this fine community. I come in search of many premium products, steelbooks and the like, and figured why not combine my monetary power with other likeminded folks? Enter the group buy, which is just the best thing ever. Who came up with this most excellent idea because I’d like to give them a slew of mental high fives. I haven’t done a group buy yet and am so keen to do so. I’ve been collecting for quite some time, throwing my extra funds into it kind of “seriously” for a few years now and look forward to getting some sweet new Manta Lab, Filmarena and the like type
  14. Haha greatest welcome of all time. thank you kindly, my good individuals. I’m happy to be here, joining in on the mighty steelbook hunt.

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