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  1. Haven’t posted in forever. Steelbooks from the last few months: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Skyscraper, Sicario 2, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, The other Side of the Door, Wrong Turn, From Hell, and Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 3 all from BestBuy. The Town that Dreaded Sundown, Annabelle 2 movie Collection, and Sully from AmazonDE. The Raid and Isle of Dogs from Zavvi. The Shining, Halloween, Trick r Treat, and IT from FYE. The Shape of Water from HMV. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil from Walmart. Army of Darkness, Halloween, Halloween 2, and Halloween 3 from Amazon. The Walking Dead from Target. W
  2. Haven’t posted in awhile. Red sparrow and Rick and Morty from Best Buy, Texas Chainsaw an FYE Exclusive, Three billboards from Zavvi, War from FilmArena, and HDZeta Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
  3. Thanks. I'm really happy with all of them. Hopefully will have some more to show soon!
  4. New Arrivals: Jumanji, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and Shooter from Best Buy, Goosebumps and The 5th Wave from zavvi, The Grey Nova, Black Barons American Made, and Manta War for the Planet of the Apes.
  5. Yea I haven’t seen it yet but I heard good things and I really liked the steel. Looking forward to watching it.
  6. Yea I really like that one. The colors on it are amazing. Great design. Great movie too!
  7. New arrivals from the last month or so. Blade runner kimchi, Rogue One Blufans, Midnight Special and Mondo Incredibles from Zavvi, Turbo Kid from Amazon, and Mine from Amazon Italy. Also just received Black Barons American Made. Will post pics soon.
  8. Yea I really like the Pirates steelbook. The debossing on the skull and the title is awesome! And yea I took a chance on blade bc everyone was raving about it and I’m glad I did!
  9. Thanks! Favorite movie out of the bunch is prolly kingsman. Just a fun movie. And the comic art on the steelbook is nice too. I also really like Baby Driver. But if talking steelbook I love the details on Blade and Dead Snow bc of the rarity of it. I got #99 of 100.

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