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  1. “Her” it’s in my top 10 movies, it’s truly work of art, and I can predict that the same thing that happened in Blade runner GB will happen to me in this GB… to be out from final list 😀that’s my luck
  2. never mind, just saw there is a GB for Best Buy Does anyone have any idea of the shipping price for Portugal (more or less)? just to know what to expect...
  3. so, it´s almost impossible to get something like this to Europe?
  4. Yes. I had PayPal already set, and we have very fast internet in Portugal 😀
  5. That’s crazy and in my opinion completely unacessary… but, well people are free to do what they want. To sell at there desired price and to buy who what to buy at that value…
  6. Also got one DL!!! In the past I had lucky in Drive edition, missed interstellar (not fast enough) and missed final list in this GB…
  7. but it´s possible for someone to be in two lists for example in DL and SL? i will consider this as a training for next GB
  8. ok, i´m new at this, so i´m trying to understand for next time i join a group buy... had not realized that there was going to be differentiation between regular members... no problem will try my luck on 10th of September.
  9. seems final list is finished... how it's possible that i was #169 global and #6 in regular members for DL and still i´m not in final list... am i missing something?!
  10. it will be my first GB... hoping to get luck and manage to buy one.
  11. Sorry for monopolizing the thread... Received this today, used but in perfect condition. There are some others "Oldboy" editions, but this is the one.

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