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  1. This is super cool. Such a modern classic too. A shame they seem to be sold out already. I definitely would have gotten one. Congrats on snagging it!
  2. Just gave this a watch. Super helpful. Thanks dude!
  3. I'll probably pick this one up when it hits Amazon.de. It's a solid watch. Derivative as hell, but entertaining and overtly gory.
  4. Welcome! Gotta love those Best Buy steelbooks! I'm jealous of that Memento release from Kimchi. I just recently ordered my first film from them (Let the Right One In steelbook/lenticular), but I haven't actually gotten or seen it yet. Their releases look top notch though. Enjoy the company around here. I'm new too, but everyone has been insanely cool thus far.
  5. Interested to see what you thought @pygospa. This one is definitely on the more “extreme” end of things and wouldn’t be a recommendation from me for most people. But if you’re into morbid indie, envelope-pushing stuff, BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE is hard to top within the last few years. Killer effects on the creatures, but the sexual elements will be a bit much for most. Viewer beware!
  6. Thanks! @RAK was kind enough to give me a MAJOR crash course yesterday, so I actually got one ordered! 🤞 Everyone here has been insanely kind so far. I didn’t know this sort of community was still possible on the internet haha. I love it.
  7. Gotcha. So what’s the best practice for snagging a movie like this (Better Watch Out) or any other movie that pops up on the forum but doesn’t end up with a group buy scenario? Feel free to DM me the answer so I can stop hijacking, but it seems like there was at least one other person in this thread looking for the same info regarding this film. I’m looking to pay and be a premium member, but I want to make sure there is some sort of benefit for the type of titles I’m interested in—such as these smaller run genre releases. I see lots of posts on upcoming or previ
  8. Searching for some clarification here. I visited the thread you linked to, and I see the green banner that is mentioned in all of the tutorial posts and such. Clicking on that link opens the form to input the desired title. That said, when I click on the “GERMANY RELEASE THREADS HERE“ hyperlink, I’m taken to a few pages of threads for releases. The release in this thread, Better Watch Out, is not listed in those three pages of releases. Does that mean it was never available to buy in a GB scenario? Am I just not looking in the right place. Sorry again. Obviously new here, a
  9. Apologies for reviving an old thread, but I’m a newbie and am looking for some context/direction. I’ve been on the lookout for this particular release for a few weeks, but I’m not able to order it from anywhere that ships to the U.S.. What is the standard practice around here when it comes to securing things like this? There is a recent Get Out release that I’m in the same boat with. Are these “group buy” scenarios? Have I already missed the boat unless it pops up on eBay? Is there a place where we share upcoming MBs to see if anyone is up for ordering? Sorry if th
  10. Thanks, @Veum! My wallet is ready haha I also plan on becoming a premium member, so I have some searching and reading to do around that to fully understand how it works. But sounds like I’m going to want that highest tier. Maybe. Hopefully there are enough weirdos like me that want to get in on some limited horror releases.
  11. Hello, everyone! I recently (like last night) discovered the concept of GBs and signed up to join your wonderful group shortly thereafter. First of all, what an awesome idea! It takes an incredible amount of effort and organization to pull something like this off, and it appears that you've all been killing it for years. Bravo. A little about myself: I run a relatively successful Horror publication that sees north of 2 million visits a month. Humble brag, but I'm proud of it. Let me know if you wanna know more! I'm in my mid-30s, married, and have a
  12. Thanks, everyone! I’ll be sure to introduce myself properly in a bit, but thanks for the warm welcome! I’m relatively new to collecting films, but I feel like I made a major breakthrough (or a horrible mistake 😂) by discovering you all late last night. ... this is gonna be awesome
  13. Welcome to our new member Lukasskott

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