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  1. @extantsrevenge @45Caliber thanks dude tryed to tag you in this post will work it out next time , well my favorite is all of them love the thor bu really loving the new weet collection going to be so awsome to have the chance to colect every steel from one company as starting from number one just happy with them all really , what is your favorite from them all ? thanks ian
  2. @45Caliber thanks dude tryed to tag you in this post have i done it right? lol yep its crimbo here most weeks lol
  3. @deckard99 ha ha lol well if your earning more than her its your money lol its fab investmeant too like so win win lol
  4. @thomue1987 hi there i acually have 3 boxsets of fightclub one to open very soon one sealed for display and just another one as i usually collect 3 of most boxsets and single editions thanks ian hope our day has been good x
  5. @DodgyDave ha ha thanks dave i use white foam self adhidives strips for gaps near doors it contain 90 percent air so the steels keep fresh i also have 2 of everthing in this cabinaet and sume 3 of lol yes cant wait till steelbook centra bring out protective slips i will ue them on my stored away steels

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