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  1. Oh baybayyyyy! That is one sexy slip. Love this movie, can't wait to add this fullslip to the collection ? Well done
  2. On my way home from seeing it. LOVED IT!! Left wide open for a sequel as well!! ?
  3. This is one of my favorite FAC that I've got from @forenhase love it!
  4. ☝️ Since u haven't seen the film nef I can tell you don't know why they look this way in this scene lol. Totally bad stop using inappropriate language movie. I recommend it to anyone
  5. Already own the steelbook and it's one of my favorites. Definitely gonna get the exclusive fac set
  6. Definitely going to have to grab a couple of these!!! Love this movie!
  7. I found The Worlds End boring as well. Butttttt I will have to pick it up when it's released to go with Shaun and Hot Fuzz
  8. Just got back from seeing Guardians of The Galaxy 2 with my mom. LOVED IT!! Going again over the weekend with my girl!

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    2. Masterblaster


      Yeah he is suppose to be sooooo cooollll .

      Ill go with my daughter in the movie theater sometime soon !

    3. kdoepel


      You will no be disappointed. She will love it and so will you ??

    4. Masterblaster


      WELL to be honest , and i know some will not understand , i did NOT like the first GotG because its not really super heroes in my eyes.  Im sure though that my Daughter will love it for sure ! 

  9. My name is Ken and I've been a MP member for about a year and a half now. This page has completely transformed my steelbook collecting hobby into a collection that I could only dream of. Yes it gets expensive at time but it is totally worth it. My favorite part of the day is checking the site and seeing what I can get my hands on next. Looking forward to learning the new site set up and getting back to what I love doing!! Thanks everyone!!

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