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  1. Oh of course! I didn’t know that but I planned on checking out the classifieds when available. I appreciate the warning though 👍🏽
  2. I haven’t sold on the steelbookswap reddit but I just purchased an older BB winter soldier steel recently from someone on there. They even included a matching blufans 1/4 slip! It’s quite safe i’d say. Also and unrelated, I’d love to take a look at what you’ve got for sale 😉🤣
  3. Ah, thank you very much sir. I realized I have not got the hang of navigating this site as much as I thought. Good thing I asked Cheers
  4. How does one get on said gb list? I know there’s a small chance of success but no harm in trying. Also in for dr strange
  5. Of course of course! @LeGonze Clearly not a photographer though 🤣 @Tonic24k
  6. Just received my DL and of course opened it up right away and OMG what a beautiful release! For it being my first GB, I was blown away with packaging and the attention to detail on the steel and slip itself. I can see why Blufans has the reputation that it has 🤤
  7. Lol, i appreciate the responses. I went ahead and picked the k packet option, I felt I could trust weet but just wanted to make sure beforehand. Cheers
  8. haha i shouldve clarified. I am asking in reference to a Black panther full slip. i am already in for a OC and an extra A1 for endgame, no worries
  9. Hello everyone, ive been googling and searching like crazy but havent been able to find any info or reference for this. Im planning on ordering from weet directly off their site but am insure about shipping options, I can do k packet or the more expensive EMS shipping. my question is has anyone ordered k packet shipping before and does it come in a box? I see “packet” so it makes me think itll come in a bubble mailer or something. Would hate to pay the cheaper one and risk my beauty getting damaged
  10. Thank you! Hoping to get in on some groupbuys soon

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