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  1. Well actually I was wondering if I could just get them all sent when all 3 and the mega box are in hand at the hub. Going on vacation soon and won't be back home till mid February. So I'm in no rush and since it's getting close to Feb anyways I might as well wait. If it's possible that is, otherwise I'll try and make arrangements for delivery. Many thanks again.
  2. Are these shipping out yet? Or are we waiting on the other two clicks (TDK & TDKR) to send them from hub all at once? Many thanks guys.
  3. Voted for Zavvi even though I would love a 2nd stage MCU award. But I think we should cover all the bases first before we do those.
  4. Idk if Kimchi is doing any MCU premiums anymore (probably all WEET now), but I sure do hope Novamedia releases an IW OC. I love their Avengers & AoU releases, two of my favorite sets.
  5. That's good. I personally couldn't care less why, how, or what people collect. Open or sealed, it's all good. Collecting for value, sure, better then spending it on drugs or some nonsense. Collect to sell on ebay, why not? At least they're trying to make a living instead of collecting a government check. Collect because it's fun? More power to them. Collect because it's addicting? I can relate. It's all fine by me, I don't judge nor try to impose my will. Live and let live 😊❤️👍🏻
  6. I know a few people that have yet to jump into collecting premiums because blufans hasn't done 4k yet that would love that. But I know even more seasoned collectors that would vehemently be opposed to it as well lol. I personally would be totally for it up for it though.
  7. Thanks, much appreciated 😊. You'll be missing more then just the Iron Man fullslip though. Blufans didn't start making complete OCs with steel/lenti/fullslip combos till GOTG vol 1. So theres only a 1/4 + lenti up to Winter Soldier. You are better off getting single & double lentis if all you want is one matching edition for each movie, pending the releases of the other 3 movies that is. I just decided to get every single thing there is since there's yet to be a complete and all inclusive matching set for these movies.
  8. I'm just happy we're getting a Blufans version of this movie and (possibly) the other 3 they missed. There's something to be said about a complete MCU set or otherwise from a single source. Only retailer to date that has one is Zavvi with their lenticular series pending the last few movies. I would like blufans to be there also.
  9. Haha, actually I think my Infinity War collection is bigger now 🤔, and that's without Blufans, which I am highly anticipating 🤩
  10. What do you call 38 copies of the same movie? 🤔😅

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