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  1. A slight detour, I have a bad habit of choosing the wrong full slip cover. I have done it with the nice guys and hell and high water. Now it’s drive from Mantalabs, I am selling up the single lenticular for the double lenticular. Hence The reason why I do not have one click boxes.
  2. I guess I will follow your philosophy and break my wallet 😛
  3. Hey Psychos I am reviving this thread, as I am torn between the 4k box sets and Blu ray boxsets of the dark knight trilogy. I like the double lenticular blu ray boxsets better than the 4k ones. I also have a regular ultra HD boxset, would I be making a mistake if I buy the Blu ray double lents. I also can’t be bothered to buy the mother box, which is now a mother load of money.
  4. I was never a fan of Halloween. I prefer Horror comedy flicks like: Bruce Campbell vs the Army of Darkness Evil dead 2 Drag me to Hell Dead Alive Deep rising
  5. Just got John wick lenticular’s yesterday. Now it’s time for a rest to concentrate on dark Knight trilogy hdzeta and some new releases.
  6. For me the best cover for this movie release was the lenticular, but at least you got a copy of a good film and great steelbook.
  7. Managed to collect some spare money to grab the lenticular of hell or high water. This is my 40th premium steelbook and the start of my goal to one day replace most of my movie library with premium steelbooks.
  8. I am sticking with my hdzeta, this is just plain and hideous. 925B7AB2-A9A2-408B-869E-FC7F232D0FAE.webp
  9. Some New Arrivals, once again hearing that slight rattling sound on both.
  10. I absolutely love the lenticular cover for this one.
  11. Any confirmed release date for the thing. Also are group guys open for Australia!
  12. Just some new updates purchased John wick nova media trilogy the blu ray lenticular not 4k as I hate the steelbook art on the 4k. Also got Dunkirk 4k from Mantalabs in the mail. Sorry for the bad pictures. My iPhone camera screen protector is affecting picture quality.
  13. Great collection, it’s small, clean and you have some awesome collectibles especially the premium steelbooks. Sometimes when a collection gets to big it looses its appeal, you start to want to sell things to fit more in.

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