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  1. Newest addition to my premium steel book collection which i believe is at 42. I am losing interest in Zavvi steelbooks, given there current choice of cover art.
  2. My currrent Wishlist The Thing 4K film arena tba Carlitos way 4k film arena tba Scar face Mantalabs tba Aliens Mantalabs tba Matrix Mantalabs tba Unforgiven 4K HDZETA tba Dune 4k if I like the film and steel book art Predator film arena Rear Window Blu fans Vertigo Blu fans Dark knight trilogy HDZETA when I get the money 😛
  3. Finally I picked up the Novamedia Avengers lenticular cover. Blu fans infinity double lenticular & Blu Fans Age of Ultron Lenticular.
  4. I also got these books coming in the mail.
  5. It has been awhile I thought I post some photos of my recent buys. I will start with some books i decided to add to my movie room.
  6. I will sadly be buying the jewel cases of the thing and Carlitos way on 4K to tie me over until film arena releases them.
  7. I guess that will mean another film arena box set to my growing collection.
  8. Yay I have a fan club For me these are these things that constitute a great steel book. Jaw Dropping Theatrical Poster Art & close up images (Hate pop art like the new Shawshank redemption cover) The back Image must complement the front. Right Choice of Colour scheme and visual layout Minimalist design with movie title on cover preferred Prefer premium lenticular covers but that’s me. I agree with Maurau & Big Mike on this one, there has been plenty of original covers like from blu fans, kimchidvd & Manta labs offering. HDZeta &
  9. I am just too fussy for you guys. I passed on hdzeta Back to the Future because the steelbooks look like a jigsaw puzzle, I also passed on hdzeta’s lord of the rings, and the hobbit because they used zavvis trashy steelbooks. However if Film Arena ruins the thing I will use the funds for the Dark knight trilogy. I wish premium steelbook compaines would use there own artwork for the extra money we pay.
  10. I forgot to mention that I love my steelbooks & slipcases to have the original theatrical poster art. Not fancy colours or photo chopped images.
  11. Zavvi used to make great steel books in the early days like baby driver, Bruce Campbell vs the Army of the Darkness, The Prestige etc. However there new offerings have to much pop for my taste. I now have to wait for Film Arena’s lenticular slipcase, to see if tickles my fancy. But I would not hold my breath, film arenas lenticulars are sometimes a hit and miss for me.
  12. I hope film arena uses the Amazon steel book. The Zavvi one looks horrid , like all there new releases.
  13. Manta labs definitely make great lenticulars, the double lenticular gives Drive the extra oomph.

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