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  1. Thanks for that. Yea they do come in cheap these days. I think I will get the disc then. 🙂
  2. Thanks for that. I guess I will wait for a region B version. ☹️
  3. There is Career Opportunities bluray scheduled for release on June 22, 2021. I have been chdcking for details if it would work in Region B. I can't get any details about that. Could someone help me with this? Or is there going to be a separate Region B release. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/career-opportunities-blu-ray-1991/35226785.p?skuId=35226785
  4. Thanks Mate. I got one from here before it came up on zavvi australia m. Thats s shame.
  5. that's a bummer. The amazon descriptions could be more detailed. its the same on all local portals, there is never enough details.
  6. Quick question @fab. Will the slip cover have italian language or english?
  7. @fab & @Basil thanks again guys. I have got in touch with @blu.steel33. Fingers crossed!
  8. Thanks @fab and @Basil I cant deliver to Australia from amazon italy. Anyways thanks for the replies guys. Much appreciated.
  9. its sold out everywhere. Is there any other place where I can get this or still has stock?
  10. Thank you all. Hope my missus doesn't find my stash 😁
  11. Thanks @Benoit46. First off..this place like a wet dream for me. Is there a rules or FAQ page as to how to go about buying from a group buy?

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