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  1. Exactly the same situation as you, except I didn't get a spot in the GB, so I'm happy to have been able to order this directly through FilmArena.
  2. Killer Klowns from Outer Space - Limited Edition UK Arrow Carrie - Limited Edition UK Zavvi Exclusive Arrow Battle Royale - UK Play Exclusive Arrow V for Vendetta - Mondo X SteelBook Series #027 Pokémon: Detective Pikachu - Limited Edition 4K Zavvi Boyhood - Mondo X SteelBook Series #002 Regular Edition I've got a lot of fun horror viewing to do this weekend with my girlfriend. I can't wait to see her reaction to Battle Royale's oddities and the finale of Carrie.
  3. And with today's shipment, I finally finally finally have the complete TOC collection! I'm beyond glad I was able to track down a brand new copy of Blade Runner. Also that German import of The Runaways is pretty damn cool too.
  4. For me, it took them 5 days after payment to send out the shipment and an additional 11 days for it to reach my house in Texas.
  5. What an absolutely awesome day! I got my first ever one-click directly from CineMuseum for Terrifier, and I love it. I got the Midsommar 4K SteelBook from Amazon Japan with the 3 mini-posters, I got three new steels from Best Buy, and three steels ordered from eBay. Probably my craziest delivery day ever. Also, if anyone is interested, I have an unboxing album for Terrifier located at Imgur
  6. Figured I'd treat myself to a nice premium while this pandemic delays everything good in life! That lenti is so beautiful.
  7. Man, I feel so inadequate next to some of these insane posts that happen daily. I just got these from Zavvi and Shout Factory today, respectively. The Army of Darkness steel took its sweet time getting here, but I'm just glad it's in my possession now!
  8. Much appreciated! Only been collecting for a little over a month, but I've been hard at work building my horror collection.
  9. Three steels from three different sources: eBay, Synapse, Amazon UK (in that order). The biggest surprise for me was just how nice the embossing is on the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter steel.
  10. My haul from the last two days. Finally got a new shelf, picked up those colorful HD Harry Potter steels, the new Popcorn release, and my Amazon.co.uk order came in!
  11. CHECK YOUR BIG LOTS STORES. First two are fnac TOC releases. Halloween 2 is from Amazon, and the rest were from Big Lots. Kinda impressed by how good their selection of movies were, not to mention having a couple of SteelBooks for $5.
  12. First image is my eBay haul, with one of my favorite additions to my Arrow SteelBook collection in recent memory. Just so much care and love go into these things. Second image is my Dollar Tree haul. I've never heard of most of this crap and I love how trashy the slipcovers look 🤣
  13. I really like my zombie horror flicks. Also I got the Lego movie for $2, so that's my justification for why I got it alongside the other two SteelBooks 🤣

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