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  1. @DodgyDave Possible to find out who has tracking numbers? USPS usually notifies me before i start seeing people post live pics when something has been scanned and tracking started but i haven't received anything, has me worried mine might not of shipped for some reason Thanks in advance
  2. That's what i was afraid of. Looks like I never got the shipping info on my SL or DL hopefully it still is on its way and someone just forgot to message me.
  3. DL and SL haven't shipped yet have they? I remember paying invoices but I don't recall any info on shipping yet. ive been a bit behind on keeping up, so apologies if this has been mentioned somewhere and i missed it
  4. Wow! That Duel looks amazing, cant wait to get this one in hand
  5. Though I was hoping the outcase would be the original poster artwork (from the selection of the bottom art cards), I really love what we got. Very sleek and great artwork throughout
  6. Citizen Kane premium would be a dream come true
  7. Looks great! Any plans on other Orson Welles films?
  8. That’s a bummer. I’m hoping the cover isn’t the placement art, not too fond of that one.
  9. This is amazing! I was expecting it to be good since WCL but whoa! and to hear 2001 is getting a WCL edition??? They’re killin it!
  10. If they end up in good condition and you end up selling I’d definitely be interested!
  11. Gremlins

    WCL [WCL Exclusive #006] Jaws (Scanavo Case) [China]

    great news to come home to! Thanks again for doing this Where do i send payment to?
  12. Gremlins

    WCL [WCL Exclusive #006] Jaws (Scanavo Case) [China]

    Just through the contact advertiser button, correct? thanks again for doing this!
  13. Gremlins

    WCL [WCL Exclusive #006] Jaws (Scanavo Case) [China]

    I have messaged, thanks
  14. Gremlins

    WCL [WCL Exclusive #006] Jaws (Scanavo Case) [China]

    love me some Spielberg films and Jaws is phenomenal. Interesting to hear it doesnt have that big of a market over there
  15. Gremlins

    WCL [WCL Exclusive #006] Jaws (Scanavo Case) [China]

    Still amazing! Hope I can get one of these, I already have the disc so that would be no problem where would we sign up for this?
  16. Gremlins

    WCL [WCL Exclusive #006] Jaws (Scanavo Case) [China]

    I might cry lol my wallet is running away but little does it know I’ve got PayPal and bad spending habits count me in if this is actually a possibility lol
  17. ive heard great things about it, but i've yet to actually watch it yet. But I'll buy anything in premium from a fave director, especially something that got them their starts
  18. Definitely in for this! Spielberg is king hope to see close encounters at some point
  19. Gremlins

    WCL [WCL Exclusive #006] Jaws (Scanavo Case) [China]

    3x Legoland DIRECT to US please
  20. Gremlins

    WCL [WCL Exclusive #006] Jaws (Scanavo Case) [China]

    Got us all drooling over here lol add me to the list of people having a heart attack at your post 45Caliber. Here’s hoping that bite got some weight coming :))
  21. whoa! this is a steal imo. Definitely preordered If these are the same figures people won in the promotional giveaways, its a great deal. Those figures run about $250-400 for the set on ebay.

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