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  1. Lol, I’m kind of in... yeah this can hold off for a few weeks mode atm as well.
  2. Just to be sure.. through this gb I'll likely get a copy right? I'd be a good bit bummed if I don't get a copy here and could get one direct.
  3. Thanks man, yeah I got quite lucky. With shipping and tax included I got covenant and alien for great prices. I hope you find one for a good price as well!
  4. I contemplated keeping them sealed but the seal on both of them didn't make it unscathed during shipping. So I opened them and they are gorgeous. I swear one of them had some funky stuff going on with the seal product on the inside. We'll see once I get some protectors in and open them up. I snagged it near retail on an ebay auction! It's looking like prometheus is going to be the tough one to get at a reasonable price.
  5. Just need prometheus to be all caught up with filmarena. Now how do I protect the embossed slipcovers...
  6. I just signed up for this one.. what does the "K" mean that Gypsy danger posted and tagged me in?
  7. First group buy here... because this is pre-registration I do not have to make a deposit yet right? Thanks!
  8. Alrighty, I'll keep my eyes open. Thanks for the quick response! I started collecting after Alien so I missed that one. Don't want to let predator get away from me!
  9. I see this one seems to be having some issues. I'd love to jump in this one as my first group buy here for the maniac box. It looks to be paused atm, can i still get in on it?

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