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  1. I just saw the first one go up on ebay if you're interested... I wouldn't expect the MP price of course. I'll be curious to watch the bidding war on it
  2. I decided I'm not willing to be so brave haha. Agreed the steels are... not the best. But premiums for me are 99% about the slips anyways. And I agree about those releases you mentioned, but I think Back to the Future is more what I'm expecting for Lord of the Rings, and those slips were pretty great IMO, and the outer box was fantastic
  3. Is there any chance that this could close before beauty shots? I'm 99.9% sure that I want this, so should I just join to be safe?
  4. Feels like the same conversation we had a few months ago... I think we can all agree that the box does not open how you would initially expect it to. But given that the image is joi on the left and k on the right, and wanting the image to wrap around the "spine" cleanly, there just isn't another way to do it. I can accept Joi being the cover, using the logic that where the hinges are must be the "spine" of the analogous book. But what bothers me more is that BR and BR2049 are inconsistent. If we apply the same logic that says Joi is the cover of this release to BR, then Harrison F
  5. +1 on wanting the extras. And hopefully not needing to pay double to get the Hobbit films just to get the LOTR extras...
  6. Am I wrong in thinking that the new extras included on the WB Summer 6 film boxset are ONLY included in that set? And maaaaybe they would be included in an HDZeta gold?
  7. Similar situation for me, but ultimately not a hard decision. Paying $150 for an ugly Best Buy set when an HDZeta is on the horizon at probably a similar price? I don't mind the wait
  8. Anyone have an estimate for the cost of the silver label? I'm guessing about the same as the Batman 1-4 Set, but I can't seem to find the price for that anywhere
  9. This looks absolutely stunning. I wasn't quite sold on the unconventional opening, but the sheer beauty of the box is next level. At the risk of sounding impatient... any news on the rumored outer box for both BR and BR2049?
  10. Can someone explain what you mean by putting the 2 editions together in a "V"? I would think that you would want both BR and BR2049 to be consistent with which side is considered the "front"/"back" but maybe not?
  11. Flipping the art like below could fix the OCD issue (obviously the text is wrong but you get the idea) but then the art doesn't match the scene from the film. Kind of a lose lose situation
  12. I'm a bit torn on this. It makes sense to have Joi be the "front" since unlike with Blufans there is clearly a front and a back to this edition. And it looks a bit backwards with the new design. That being said, it does make much more sense to have the image wrap around the spine, so I do think that's the better option. A shame that that shot in the film wasn't reversed!
  13. Ok, no worries. I'll keep checking here just in case

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