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  1. @ksosk If I am already listed for a One Click on the GB no further action is required for the box thingy right? Checked if there was a new option on the GB form for the box but there wasnt, still want to make sure I am not missing anything. 😋
  2. Not a huge fan of this release myself. The movie is awesome but the whole release feels so rushed and at least for me didn't live up to the hype. The lenticulars are not really impressive quality wise, and it seems in my box set and the 1/4 slip the discs are lose. Seems to be the case with the majority of IW Editions so no idea what happened there. Wonder if we can provide this kind of feedback to them? At least the lose discs should not happen.... Usually a huge fan of all BluFans Marvel releases but IW unfortunately didn't live up to my expectations. Hope BP has the standard BF qualities again.
  3. One Click for sure, whole package looks amazing and at least the one Click contains every edition unlike with other vendors. Yes Filmarena I am looking at you...
  4. Sorry I am on my mobile...thought this was supposed to be a clickable link. ?
  5. I have the tracking information for the UE received and the edition arrived already a while ago. Havent received any tracking information for the Box Set yet, hence I was asking if they were shipped already. If you have it somewhere it would be great if you could send it over. Thanks a bunch!
  6. @Scary Hair I can imagine the pain of having to deal with this back and forth. Will now wait for any updates until we know what HDZeta is actually going to release.
  7. Its getting hilarious now...First the confusion with the special pack now the "boxset exclusive" seems to be available outside of the Box Set as well. Is this edition actually a double sided Lenticular as well? On the Box Set description it looks like a "normal single" Lenti and on the other description it says "double sided" as well. So does the box now come with two doubled sided editions and the special pack?
  8. Ok, as this is my first HDZeta Boxset I need to ask as it is still not clear to me: The Box Set contains the double sided lenticular Edition, the UHD Lenticular Edition and the special pack. The special pack is basically the 3D/2D Version just without the steelbook, right?
  9. Not sure if you guys are aware already, but the steelbookcentral sleeves are available at xxx as well. Might eventually be cheaper for the people based in Europe.

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