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  1. In my wet dreams lol I do have private pics of my friends but I don't put those on internet lol
  2. The guy doing group buys on bluray.com is saying an early December release date, but I would imagine things can change
  3. So if you go with choice 1 and there are not enough 1click you get nothing? I think i'll go with choice 3. I guess there is no fan box/ 1/4slip so its probably 500 boxsets? + 500 dl
  4. Thank you sir I'm #93 but if they let me join again I'll get 2 lol I figure there is going to be limit on these like homecoming those pics look great
  5. I like the way the those slips line up Are they also selling the dl or sl seperately? due to limited amounts, If I had to choose it would be 1click please😁
  6. tracking says its arriving monday. I'm going to get this before dp2 lol
  7. so with people saying that all future hdz gold steels will have embossing, that 300 title on the front would look pretty good
  8. it's probably sitting right next to the replacement empire strikes back steelcase everyone is suppose to get Zavvi being Zavvi lol you have to keep on them, i know I had to to get a refund for a bent ANH
  9. lol well you guys or girls might like these Texas Longhorn fans more

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