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  1. If you are talking amaray edition, then I am sure you made it since your plat. He wouldn't have moved it to gold otherwise.
  2. it is matte/low gloss but not dull matte like harry potter but more like black widow. there is also a metallic sheen for the glass edges and bruce willis raincoat outline which is nice. no em/debossing. I think it looks good, but it can be hard to see in pics.
  3. this whole ordeal makes me appreciate that I was able to get a copy of the BR2049 OAB. Out of all of these low print blufans that's the one I wanted most. 😁 good luck guys/gals.
  4. I see other group buys are being announced for this. Any updates? hopefully mp gets a bunch but it looks like this going to be very limited.
  5. add to that Arrival, I agree this guy creates great mood/tone in his movies. Hoping Dune is the same. Definitely some good wea potential here also.
  6. According to a BB worker on brcom, supposedly they have a bunch of these in the warehouse now and should hit BB stores soon for those still interested. I'm sure @deckard99 will be first in line for this one lol. I think I'll wait for black Friday sale
  7. Don't know what to tell you but it went up at 8hkt and done really quick.
  8. it wet live at correct time, but it only lasted about a minute or two. try starting your refreshing a little earlier like at 7:55hkt or something because it sounds like you checked in too late.

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