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  1. @LeGonze different sofa? lol Picture day at LeGonze place. thanks for all the pics.
  2. just got a shipping notice and tracking from PayPal. al least I think its for joker 🤔 lol
  3. congrats on first gb crap it looks like im going to have to break down and get hbomax thanks again covid lol
  4. i usually only buy premiums for movies i really like or the art work has to really grab me. I will usually just get the best buy version of most (eww yuck i know lol) if i just want to have a copy. I don't need to buy every one in the collection from hdz or manta etc.., but I do tend to buy multiple copies of my favorites. If blufans really does do the whole DC I would probably try to get all those since I wasn't around when hdz started theirs. Just hope that they actually do the whole thing and not stop close to the end lol. pics make post better lol
  5. thanks for the post or I would not even have noticed my invoice with the holidays and all lol
  6. santa works hard on Christmas eve and santa plays HARD ON Christmas Merry Christmas Pyschos
  7. when I saw the box I was happy and worried at same time, but the styrofoam?? they use is china proof lol
  8. It finally made it on Christmas Eve. Outside of box was rough but inside it arrived amazingly mint condition. Thanks again Team MP.
  9. blufans stepping in and taking over as hdzeta gold and manta go MIA. Manta still has the Dunkirk pre order banner up since august lol. what happened to all those new 2020 steels coming out? lol
  10. Holy Sh!t, it might just be a Christmas miracle. The tracking moved from China sept 29 to landed in Chicago today. I guess I shouldn't get too excited, because it could be sent back and forth from China like some of you guys reported. Just happy it is actually out there some where, and not lost. Hopefully it arrives ok. There is still hope for you guys who are still waiting for movement.
  11. All this talk is getting my hopes up for a blufans wea of KongSI or KotM to go with G2014 , but it probably won't be for a while if ever sigh. I don't think 2 copies is just scalpers, 3+ then yeah. Call me psycho, but I sometimes buy 2 copies for 1 opened 1sealed of editions I really like. I saw these GB when they opened but passed for a wea. Hopefully you guys that want it get yours.
  12. Received my fatty E2, I chose this one because I wanted a good lenti of Run Forrest Run and already have a 4k. The lenti is pretty clear and deep so I'm happy. Thanks team MP.

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