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  1. Why open? That's insane. They look much better when sealed. It's about anticipation. It's about the mystery: what would it feel like to open it and have a look inside? But after you opened it, the tension is gone. The magic is gone. You will feel some short burst of happiness but then you are hopeless. And lonely. And all the time and effort spent acquiring these treasures will be in vain. What was the point of all this? What is my purpose in life? There is no purpose here. Just blackness and emptiness. So please listen to me! Life is only meanin
  2. Nova is my favourite retailer right now because they make Steelbooks for high Quality films. I wish Mlife/WCL would do steelbooks too.
  3. Wong Kar Wai classics WEA Steelbooks by Novamedia NE032 In the Mood for Love Lenticular NE033 Happy Together Lenticular NE034 Fallen Angels Lenticular
  4. I think there is just a lack of promo art for Ra's al Ghul. But I agree. I'd like to have Liam Neeson's face on the back side of the box instead of Batman.
  5. Those Hitchcock Steelbooks look awesome. I am so jealous you Americans have the title on the steelbook. Here in Europe I can only get the wierd looking titleless editons.
  6. Wow! Now I regret not choosing the OC. I really like the effect of the Single Lenti. Much better than the Lenticular Box I have from UHD Club.
  7. Beautiful. It's a masterpiece and man... what a steelbook!!! About the waiting... I have the same problem with Silence of the Lambs. I hope this year for the 30th anniversary we finally get something
  8. I like blufans title choices lately. But the outer box if this is just ugly. I will just buy the plain steelbook instead.
  9. Because triggering people like you is my source of happiness.
  10. IIRC in the info thread it was stated that 2nd copies were not guaranteed.

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