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  1. Which versions of the movies will this contain? Theatrical or extended? Is there any chance we get bonus features? ( There will be new bonus content released this summer.)
  2. Maybe I can help you out. For Horror there have been some great Horror Flicks in the past few years as torture porn and Jump Scare reliant movies seem to decline. I can recommend Robert Eggers movies (The Witch, The Lighthouse) which are quite artsy and if you haven't seen it yet, watch Hereditary (just a little bit of gore), which in its core is a very tense family tragedy in the guise of a horror movie. Also It follows and Under the Skin meet the criteria of subtle horror very well. For Crime/Mystery I usually suggest Murder on the Orient Express (1974) and Witness fo
  3. I can defend Tenet but I don't have to. The argument "If you like X, it follows that you should like Y" makes no sense to me. I can like or dislike movie X for a ton of different reasons that have nothing to do with movie Y. I do not judge people for liking or disliking Tenet. But it seems you are judging me for you don't even know me at all as you seem to make the assumption that I didn't understand the film. Anyway, just because the movie is complicated, doesn't mean I am obligated to feel positive towards it. And it works the other way around as well: Just because a film is "simpleton trash
  4. Don't watch Tenet if Nolan is not your cup of tea. Tenet does have great moments but all in all I thought it was terrible. I think it is good if you look for great spectacle with some cleverness. But if you are looking for action movies that have emotional stakes, well-written dialogue and interesting characters, this is not your movie. And about the sound mixing: Some might argue that it's an artistic choice. But if cinema goers long for English subtitles, there is something wrong with the sound.
  5. I am curious about why is T3 the only disc? This seems so random to me.
  6. If this is a reoccuring problem, your wife should visit the ENT. Maybe there is an underlying medical issue. Your wife might suffer from sleep apnea. About 3 % of the population suffer from sleep apnea.
  7. But there need to be some to stay mint so that in the distant future, later generations can gaze at them in the Museums of Premiums, where our grand grand grandchildren are taught what physical media is. Historic evidence of the existence of a mediapsycho. I am preserving historic artifacts.
  8. The ultimate solution is to buy 3 One Clicks. One to keep sealed. One to open and so you can display your sealed Slips. One to get all Full Slips again to open them and enjoy their content and lie in bed surrounded by all the goodies and cry yourself to sleep.
  9. I am a little bit of both. However, most of the time I keep them sealed. It's not really about investment or so (Maybe I'll sell them - Most likely I won't). It just makes me wet knowing that I own something that's increasing in value. On the other side: some just beg me to be opened... (Yes, Premiums can talk!) So, I don't even have an answer for myself... It's more of a gut feeling. Anyway, the most important thing for me is the hunt itself and the presentation. My principal is to collect movies that I like. Opening them is not obligatory while collecting.
  10. Does this mean both the gift box and the Digipak have Lenticular cover?
  11. Finde auch, die hätten ruhig andere Artworks nehmen können. Bastelst du dir den FS selber oder gibst du das in Auftrag?
  12. Looks really neat! I can see where you are coming from. Even though I will buy the Nova Edition I am a bit disappointed. For such a high price we don't even get a OC. This great film deserves a better premium release IMHO.

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