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  1. Indeed, crazy day. Full of "useful information" ... which I could do soo great without ... But I've done something: switch to daily notifications instead of instant.
  2. Oh, yes, that makes MUCH more sense. Thanks for expressing your take!
  3. What exactly are you trying to tell me, @Fortis93? Furthermore, WHY to me (or JUST to me)?
  4. OK, I see your take on the movie, for both under and over 10 words, and before I let you know mine (which certainly was not clear after just one, or maybe two watching), and also waiting for others (@Ehsan????) opinion and answer on this, I would suggest you to watch it (at least) one more time, and try to see the WHOLE BIG picture presented in the movie, not just parts, and especially not just the individual performances of each actor in part. So I take it that you didn't really knew that Nolan is an true believer of special effects not on CGI, right? Maybe now you know this and don't wait so long for watching his movies... 😜 Also, related to CGI and some movies that are based on subjects and personages that are CLEARLY at least "improbable" (like the ones with superheroes), I learned from a friend of mines, many-many years ago (sometimes around the first Matrix, that I saw first two times in very poor conditions, but still made me watch it back-to-back two times in a row, although long time passed bedtime 😋), that I have to watch movies as they are, A STORY, like the ones we had been dazzled and amazed when we were kids (I would not want to say bedtime stories, although...), meaning that for the time we watch that movie, BELIEVE that everything you see there IS POSSIBLE and just ENJOY the story and how it is this told (a picture worth a thousand words, right?), and then you will be able to see even the smallest parts, like a gesture or a hidden Easter egg (or several). And don't let me start on the music! Especially for those Nolan movies that you said you didn't really liked, but just hearing the score that Hans Zimmer produced, which just hearing the first accords RISE the moment and expectation.
  5. Hi @Ehsan, Thanks for the ideas an suggestions, although I am not that much of a "starter", as I am much of a "going on" or "continuer" if you will, so, most likely, I will not start a thread; in the few years I started to go on forums and sites about movies and their media, I haven't recall starting one yet, and don't think I will, sorry. But there's a short question about Interstellar movie for you, @Scary Hair and anyone else that saw and like this movie: - if you had to summarize in just few words (maximum 10), what it is your opinion of what's this movie about (what's your take)? Also, @Scary Hair, REALLY, JUST NOW have you seen this movie for the first time? How come, what was holding you? I Saw it at least three times in the cinema, and I was SO ANGRY and sorry that did not moved my ass to IMAX (about 80 Km away from home) to watch it PROPERLY! Shame on you! 😋 You have do do your quota, so go watch it several times again! 🤩 (and I sincerely hope you got it that I was just joking after the word "PROPERLY", OK? 🖖)
  6. Hi @Ehsan, SURELY I prefer and like mostly those kind of movies, that put your brain to work, not that I don’t enjoy sometimes a easy-simple-funny (I don’t want to say “brain-not-required”) movies. Honestly, the Memento movie I’ve only watched once, loooong time ago, and don’t recall liking it too much, but definitely need to re-watch it soon. On the other hand, I saw Inception at least thre (or more) times, but Interstellar, is one of my top 10 movies, and along with Arrival or Contact (and other movies of other genre), I’ve watched at least ten (10 or more) times, and still like to re-watch them. So, I’m guessing that tells you HOW MUCH I like those movies, right? If only got some more people that share same likes and enjoyment as me, so that we can talk and “debate” what we got from those movies, and what we think related to those subjects from those movies. But sadly, I have to acknowledge that not many people would want or like to talk and “debate” on such subjects.
  7. Hardly waiting (me and one of my friends) for some pictures with the actual product so that we can decide...
  8. MANY THANKS @ksosk for your prompt (quick) and super clear and informational response! That's what I call an straight to the point answer!
  9. @ksosk & maybe @extantsrevenge, Can we please know how many* of this will going to be available? *Honestly, now after the previous responses, I'm quite afraid what kind of answers I will get here, when I simply want to know the number of pieces will availabe to purchase, not how many "limbs" it have, or the comparation with anyone else's "limbs or extremities" or anything else for that matter, which frankly, I could not care of less than reading such a childish response!
  10. Actually, I think I got it now, so the dimensions could be as given, 150x60x15 millimeters, so it is a valid size! Thank you! Sorry, I could not edit anymore to delete entirely the previous post!
  11. ONLY fifteen (15) millimeters thickness? I surely can't believe this when looking at the pictures with either the 3D printed model, or the "rough" one. There must be a mistake somewhere... Edits were wrong, as it is I believe the dimensions given!
  12. Sure I understand, no problem! Just that I thought that you will get the information sooner than they will put all on their website, hence you would be able to do the invoincing also sooner. But, now I understand, you get the info at the same time, therefore just after that you'll be able to do all for the GB's. Thanks, and, BTW, if you (MP) need some extra handy hands for those preparations, just say, and I can spare time and knowledge. (although I'm pretty sure what would be the answer here... 😛)
  13. So, now that HDZeta has this on its site active for now, and it shows as a release date of 26 May 2020, when will get the invoices?
  14. I’m sorry, please let me know, did I’ve asked something not allowed, or worst, inappropriate, that you figured out your answers will do much good, the way you expressed yourselves?

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