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  1. Just finished watching The Drop again after a few years without seing it. Tom hardy and James Gandolfini were great in it I think , with a quality twist at the end defo worth a watch or a rewatch. This film didnt even realy get much attention I dont think when first released but I love films were you cant tell what the ending is going to be like.
  2. Hi thanks everyone new here and have just set this up in 30 seconds with the posts here so now hopefully I see all the group buys i want in future. I personally downloaded fnotifier like others here have from the play store as I'm on android and copied the group buy link and all done :).
  3. Hi @ksosk is this lenti going to be inside the box or is this going to be a separate release as im already down for the boxset with deposit payed but I love your idea of this lenti would look amazing and I would want that also thanks :).
  4. Hi everyone just thought I'd do the introduction. I'm also on another forum and actually never knew about this site until it popped up through Google so thought I would join. Can never be on to many forums speaking to new people and seing diffrent posts. Joined a few days ago now I'm based in the uk only been collecting about 2 years now. My collection isn't the biggest yet think my last count I was up to 67 but being only 31 give me another 10 years it could be god knows what number ha ha. (Poor bank balance) :). Thought I'd post a picture of the growing collection as you can see i also like venom but my favourite film is the conjuring hence the name look forward to the premium release of that which I'm in for. Anyway look forward to future posts and taking part thanks.
  5. A nice read there to know your thoughts. Your a veteran 15 years compared to me I've only been collecting about 2 years now. I defo agree with you about the re prints that's one thing I dont like something sells out then they just order another thousand in. They done it on the new wave of the captain america border steels most recently hence why there now still in stock on there site they got greedy. Feel sorry for the ebayers who pay a fortune to secure a copy as they feel they miss out then they do that.
  6. Yeah they cashing in :). I still like it though, so I've put in a pre order for the boxset. Compared to what I've payed for more preminum stuff it's still alright as price reflects it as long as it turns up not damaged or it will go straight back.
  7. Live for red carpet members now. Also to above comment I dont feel like I'm being mugged to pay just 10 pound a year (83p a month) for being a red carpet member and I also have plenty of premiums in my collection but zavvi do some nice steelbooks sometimes and you get the free delivery pays for itself and more.....
  8. Hi everyone new to the site today. I decided the conjuring as its my favourite horror movie sinse I saw it one of the few movies to actually make me jump always a good sign :). The 88 the year I was born nothing exciting.
  9. Meant to go live at 12 noon for red carpet members officaly but as always with zavvi more than likely to be open earlier than that

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