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    Only just seen this thread I've only collected vinyl in the past year and wanted all the eminem albums on vinyl which I completed today with music to be murdered by arriving earlier on :). I know infinite is missing but original pressing is ridiculous money and I don't like the bootleg editions. Also my favourite artist I collect 'The Boss' Bruce Springsteen only need the seeger sessions and that will be every album also collected. A strange mix some might say eminem and Bruce lol.
  2. I would choose the umania one click for boxset art. I luv all the lentis from every release that we can see so far with hdzeta still to come. My fav lenti is umania again the transition is great but could be a close call with the cinemuseum lenti if they get it right with him flipping in the puddle. Also luv the full slip of filmarena especially with the special booklet art theyve done with it. So I basically like it all ha ha
  3. Defo happens if its still on retailers websites like hdzeta you know its been a unpopular one etc bumblebee , argo. Hopefully your right be another one to sit on the shelf next to the rest lol. Just hope maybe like you said they come with some diffrent steelbook art. Also back to this thread now lol. Zavvi have sold out but still available at hmv and amazon and Warner bros were you can get 10 percent off. I stuck a pre order in earlier with zavvi with the 12 percent off code so that made my mind up.
  4. Thats because its such a popular movie taking over a billion would prove that i do agree with you about the steelbook art tho someone should try something diffrent. I had no problem with umania having that release so close after its release as its such a great edition and how sought after it is now would back up my claim. The movies you've quoted I don't think would get 5 6 releases from all retailers unlike joker as I don't think the market is there and the art for the upcoming 1917 was pretty lazy i would say. But were all diffrent we all like diffrent tastes beauty of steelbook collecting
  5. I must be diffrent to most then as I don't think anyone has rushed them out. Umania's one click is awesomely designed best one out so far i would say and the lenti inside is one of the best I personally think. I'm looking forward to adding cinemuseum and hdzetas also to the collection
  6. Great franchise be even better if they released them all in 4k. Also hope there is more to come I would like to see a nun 2 be made as i realy enjoyed that one in the series even though it got slated in reviews made me jump loads lol. As the others have also said yes la llorona is in English its just the spirits name in the film I think its the weakest film in the series so far though.
  7. I luv the conjuring movies easily my fav horrors about and unlike some movies were the sequel is awful number 2 just gets better enjoy. Number 3 was meant to be out this year but due to covid I've seen they've pushed the release date to June next year.
  8. I've had this on pre order sinsenmarch directly through there site looking forward to it as I enjoyed it much more than bohemian personally. Also messaged him the other day for a update and he told me they were looking at October for this
  9. Thanks alot for the unexpected award and the 100 posts one to appreciated @extantsrevenge Also to @R1s1ngs0n thanks alot that must have taken some serious time and effort going through all them posts to see who was eligible :). Last but not least @Trianna for making the great looking award icon thanks alot.
  10. Yeah defo I had the zavvi edition on pre order but now I have secured this I have cancelled that one for only 15 pound more with all these extras much better value.
  11. Thanks for the Info , yeah that is 1 good thing with being pushed back time to save up as I'll be in for the one clicks of each of these expensive times haha
  12. Once again thanks to everyone involved in sorting the group buy for this edition and thanks @blu.steel33 for getting it to me once again great edition to the collection. Also my 3rd in hand group buy so no more deposits at last lol.
  13. I dont think numbered premiums will drop that much ever as I think there will always be collectors out there for them kind of releases just like people into there coins and stamps etc theres a market for it. Maybe standard steelbooks will drop but I will still get to look at the nice front art of the steelbooks at least ha ha.

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