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  1. Also does this company ship differently to manta lab or are they based elsewhere as I see in that thread they are getting ready to start shipping joker yet we have been waiting ages for this to start shipping ?, thanks in advance
  2. Not sure if been posted but if anyone missed the zavvi 1917 4k steelbook it's currently back in stock. 1917 zavvi
  3. Let's get them group buys opened up so I can get my name down for gold silver of the complete collection 9 one clicks possibly 12 if the hobbit gets double treatment to lol Expensive but they will look great next to the dkt for me especially if they decide to do the mother boxes I'll be down for the one clicks. Extreme measures people could always sell a kidney to raise the funds
  4. Yes cant wait for this and lord of the rings when will group buy open do we know ?
  5. Currently 20 percent off all of these editions on zavvi with the code hulk20 if anyone interested.
  6. Hello everyone is there a issue with the site at the minute uploading pictures as mine didnt upload and cant see anybody else's it just shows a file link which doesent work. Same on peoples awards you can't see either.
  7. Thanks media physchos my first group buy item has turned up 1st of many it's a beauty in hand. Thanks alot @blu.steel33 great packaging and communication getting it to me
  8. Very nice your bank account must be taking a real beating all these nice releases you've been getting lately ha ha
  9. Some half decent steelbooks in the sale on zavvi this morning if intrested. Zavvi Dunkirk 4k - 13.99 Mary poppins 4k - 12.99 Mary poppins 3d - 11.99 Matrix reloaded 4k - 13.99 Big lebowski sweater edition - 14.99 10 percent if red carpet member also with rcvip
  10. Goes live this Sunday may the 10th. 12 for red carpet members. 6pm for normal.
  11. Already gone live for red carpet members and 10 percent code rcvip for the members is currently working.

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