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  1. I got mine today as well. Luckily I cancelled my order from Amazon and went with wowhd instead, they had the good sense to send it in a box so it arrived undamaged. That being said the box that houses the steel books is still very cheaply designed, the dividers have come loose and it doesn’t quite match the avatar box. I’ve taken the steel books out of both boxes and put them on the shelf without them instead, although the spines of both sets don’t quite match either and the korra titles don’t align properly. Oh well I’m still looking forward to watching korra for the first time.
  2. I missed out on the first release so I’m glad this is being released, gone with the A1 slip for now but I quite fancy the lenticular too. Do we know if the lenticular will be an o-ring or a normal full slip? I wasn’t sure if that’s something kimchi always do or just certain titles.
  3. Wow I didn’t see this coming, i didn’t realise blu fans made premiums for films of this type. It seems like an odd choice though, you have to wonder how many people will double dip on the general release steelbook or cancel their orders and wait for this instead, not to mention the wcl version only just came out. I’m looking forward to it though and I’ll cancel my Zavvi order when the group buy opens.
  4. Your box is damaged in the same corner as mine, plus the damage looks identical so it appears to be a defect. Not that this changes anything if hdzeta don’t do replacements.
  5. The artwork choices are good here, especially the one with the eye, but I wish they wouldn’t use o-rings for the inner contents instead of a slip cover, that one in the clip looks very loosely fitted. Also, I wonder why they didn’t use that classic poster design for the outer wooden box, or even the unicorn one, instead of that drab image that was used for the steelbook. Ok I’m done nitpicking now. *lifts wrist up to be slapped*
  6. I reeeaaaally like the full slip, and the effect has grown on me too. Less keen on the SL, I think the booklet front would have made a nice slipcover, it looks like something plain archive would do. Steelbook back cover looks great too.
  7. Yeah I prefer this out of all of them, it’s odd they’re not making this the lenticular though given the art repetition.
  8. Do we get a shipping number for this like blu fans Spider-Man or do they just arrive unannounced?
  9. Yeah I thought that might be it, I had a look on wowhd and they have korra and avatar available along with the ip man box set, I’m assuming the German site does too.
  10. Yeah I’ve had my eye on that too, I might watch the first episode tonight.

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