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  1. Bugger, mine’s still saying handed over to carrier on the 4th November
  2. I received mine today and it’s a jolly nice set overall with spot gloss on gizmo and title, and the bbfc logos are removable stickers. Additionally, Zavvi sent it in a hard cardboard box which is a first for me regarding non SteelBooks. I’m going to put my wwa steelbook in this, i much prefer it to the BB full slip and feel like I dodged a bullet in skipping that one.
  3. Just arrived and it’s a great looking set. Thanks for setting up this group buy.
  4. Bollocks I always forget to include my destination country! Thanks, it was the niche titles I was referring to when I said I couldn’t find them. I didn’t realise general retailers like Zavvi were included in the list linked above, I thought just premium ones . Thanks again.
  5. Thanks I’ve just submitted a request form using the retailers product page so fingers crossed I did it right. Also could you tell me how to navigate to a retailer’s group buy request section so I’ll know for next time ? I’m sure it’s really obvious but I can’t find the section anywhere. Thanks again for all the help.
  6. Thanks. Does the edition url have to be the actual retailer’s product page or the release thread on media psychos?
  7. Also do I need to copy and paste the url for this page where it says edition url on the request page?
  8. That’s great thanks, can I choose the art box edition simply by stating that edition instead of cover a,b, or c?
  9. Can someone tell me how to locate the group buy for this? I’m having trouble finding GBs that aren’t listed on the main page. Thanks in advance.
  10. It’s probably the postcards, I’ve opened mine and these are the only items that seem to have room to move. They make a slight noise but nothing major, I might take them out though.
  11. Mine just arrived along with wcl the sting and Taiwan the invisible man. Very pleased with my first uhd club purchase and it fits on my shelf too (the box is about 19cm tall). Weirdly it also came with three additional lenticular cards that are the same as the one used for the cover, as well as a lenticular card for Dunkirk too, an unexpected surprise!
  12. It looks fantastic, one nitpick though, i wish the inner box had a spine rather than being an o-ring type slip. Still looks great though, can’t wait.
  13. I sold my Zavvi steelbook On eBay auction in anticipation of this release so it BETTER materialise.
  14. Just watched the movie for the first time and really enjoyed it, the picture quality is great too. I might get the 4k from wowhd as it’s only £17.99.
  15. Can you let us know how good the 4k is if you get the chance to compare it to the blu ray? I’m thinking about importing the 4k depending on whether it’s a significant upgrade, I’ve seen good reports on both formats.

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