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  1. Problem with this is that usually you will have to buy many units, they just don't sell 5-10. What I do is using old digipacks that I find on ebay. Anyway, as I mentioned, main problem for custom digipacks is different size of trays. t would be nice to know exactly what is the size or the tray used for these digipacks.
  2. I don't really like these 2 discs digipacks, you end missing the extras on the regular bluray. I wonder if one of the single disc trays can be manually replaced by a 2 disc tray in terms of size, i've done this before using some old digipacks, trays where exactly same size of course, but usually that is not the case in terms of height.
  3. Tars is actually one of the best characters of the movie
  4. That looks stunning, I was hoping for this kind of "space like" artwork. Can't wait for more details.
  5. I´m ready for this, one of my favourite ones of the last 10 years and hopefully my first GB here 🙂
  6. Hi guys Thanks a lot! Glad to see Stephen Colbert is around too😁
  7. Hi there guys Decided to joined the community after finding out about this nice place on twitter. Hoping to enjoy my time here, not so sure if my pocket will do too.😁
  8. I think this will be my first GB in here. Do you guys know shipping costs to Europe based on previous GB?

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