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  1. As far as specifically 3D. Those I got for my own enjoyment and with 3D almost gone not many will be wanting those. I think James Cameron screwed him self waiting to long for Avatar 2 As far as 4K, I think anything with a 4K is going to be more desirable than a standard BD. For example after getting the John Wick 4k three pack I've decided to sell my Wick NM 2&3 Although primarily just to make room. The practicality does make a difference to me even if I plan to keep it sealed. I'm hanging on to number 1 cause I love the movie and the slip. Will the value of our collections hold up over time?...depends how long. Not many want a movie they've never heard of. I think some editions will hold Thier value, some shall not. I mostly keep about %90 of mine sealed because I'm as the point of every new one I get I gotta sell another to make room. In addition to that do to the delays between normal plastic release and a special edition, I'm buying it as.....I guess I'd call it a physical representation of my enjoyment of the movie too look cool on my shelfs. I have started opening some, that I know I will never ever ever sell like for example my BB Alita and HDZ Shazzam. Although to be honest if I had a physical copy of Shazzam already that might have been kept sealed. Also since it was brought up Physical Media All The Way!!! I freaking hate digital because it's not yours. Your simply buying access to some companies copy stored in a server. If that company goes bye bye so does your movie. Plus you can't watch digital anywhere. Some companies like Vudu are better about having thier app available on everything but unlike a bluray which will play on any player (in your reigon) you gotta have the app and an account. Also an iffy internet can be a problem if you're streaming 4k.
  2. Very nice. A1 looks like it's got some texture's and a beautiful Finnish.
  3. Awesome! Thanks for the info everyone. Glad my faith and in their one click was well founded.
  4. Dang @Intentcoin beat me to it. Glad I opened mine. I didn't even realize the character cards in the special pack are all lenti's , very cool! Unfortunately some one at the factory goofed and gave a double of one 😒 All in all I'm very pleased with set. I'm especially glad they didn't do any redundant multiple discs. And the special pack with the lenti cards and "how to be a hero" note book was a really cool add on worth getting the OC for.
  5. I've tried searching my self and couldn't find anything... Is there any where WeET mentions the treatment of the OC. It looks like it'll have embossing and holo-foil on the star part but wanted to see for sure.
  6. And look what just arrived! Bet I know what's inside. I'll take pics tomorrow when I got min to take some descent ones.
  7. I'll be snapping some pic's when it arrives, but depending on how many stops it makes before it gets to me it could be a while.
  8. Mdk14092

    Veum's TV diary

    @Veum your line up looks exactly the same as a Nick @ Night line up from when I was a kid in Early 90's. Now I'm feeling all nostalgic 😂👍
  9. Looking classy! I think I'll wait though till this coming cycle. I plan to upgrade from silver to gold or plat. Out of curiosity is there only a limited number available?

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