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  1. Any word if they plan to eventually do the other 2? I like any series of movies to all be from the same retailer.
  2. Excuse my ignorance but do all Digipaks have the little books on the inside attached to the cover? And do they typically come with the extras or just the booklet attached to the cover? Oh, and digging the slip design, can't wait to see the rest of the packaging!
  3. Looks nice, I like that they kept the spine clean instead of wrapping the pic around.
  4. Thanks for the answer @Scary Hair . Figured they have # associated, But they don't really tell you what yours is. Given how things sell out on their sight and how recently I made a film arena account I was surprised that my "I want to buys" were being fullfilled. I guess my main question is if I cancel a buy is it a big inconvenience to them and will hurt my rep for future pre-order?
  5. I have a question about Filmarena. How does their system work. I noticed that they have some sort of loyalty thing. Also the few items I've clicked "I want to buy" on I've received. But nothing's really explained. Does it work sort of like MP?
  6. @RAK what doesa loose reboot mean? A sequel that lays things out better. Also I hadn't heard anything about Wonder Woman, I'll have to look that up
  7. Joker movie question. The fact that some of DC's characters arn't "locked down" has been a source of aggravatiion for me trying to complete a coherent collection. Wonder Woman and Aquaman and JL are fine but Joker and Batman... Holy hell. Every few years it's a totally new Batman or Joker. Not to mention they've said they're all ready redoing suicide squad. (Why I'm not getting the HDZETA current one) Is this Joker move a stand alone or is this a New direction they're taking Batman in?
  8. @Veum my wallet is dead thanks to MP. So if any of the Admins. Hear a bump in the night, it's just the ghost of my wallet coming back to haunt those responsible lol
  9. Happy leftovers day! And definitely thank you @Masterblaster . It's very cool that you all put these kinds of things together. If I knew how to do gifs. I'd put one here.
  10. Hdzeta - edge of tomorrow OC, Dark tower full slip Filmarena - pixels , M.I. rouge nation white slip Blufans - Ironman lenti, Ninja turtles OAB, Avengers infinity double lenti Kimchidvd - Captain America first avenger Lenti. To U.S.
  11. It sure is sneaking up, only 4hrs technically. Although I shan't be staying up till midnight I'll be checking things first thing in the AM. Nothing wrong with posting threads in other places. I just wasn't sure what was going on when I saw what looked like a GB for a long over GB posted today.

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