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  1. Definitely joined! I'm hoping with this one the edition size isn't as limited.
  2. Just watched ep.1 Dracula on Netflix this night. Thanks for the recommendation @Scary Hair. Last night I finished the last episode of season 1 Netflix the witcher. Having played the game I think they did a good all around job. Solid acting, good production in terms of effects, and the plots stayed interesting so far. If you like the fantasy genre or enjoyed the game check it out.
  3. A lotr or Hobbit mother box style (like they did with bat) would be epic!
  4. I'm definitely looking forward to getting Alita in hand, just waiting on FA to ship to hub. I'm also really looking forward to see what FAs ghost in the Shell looks like even if I do gotta turn to eBay. As for further in the future. FA predator is #1 can't wait. HDZETA jaws is #2. FA pitch black, and capt. Marvel is fingers crossed, maybe....just maybe they could come out this year.
  5. Well dang, that answers my question of why the "I want to buy" button was taken down. 😫 Now the exciting wait to see if I hit it early enough all those months ago to make it. I still haven't figured out how exactly FA prioritizes things.
  6. @Luxury Bluray what is it that holds the disc on? It looks like maybe a foam disk?
  7. When some one can't procrastinate in their own home... that's not a world I want to live in.
  8. Lol, I'm not saying I was good....just entertaining. Atleast better than number 3 I thought.
  9. I would definitely like to see Aliens, maybe not the rest. Also I didn't think resurrection was THAT bad.
  10. The only part of the film I didn't like was I wish the cool bad guys had more screen time, I look foward to see the art work.
  11. With JW3, Aquaman, and Panther (Filmarena). Being all close together plus Xmas I actually wouldn't mind at all if mine was in the Feb. batch.
  12. Dear Collectors,we kindly inform you that BLACK BARONS #21 ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL editions featuring gift box will be dispatched in three waves, in the next week, in the middle of January and in the middle of February.The reason for the delay is slower production speed than estimated.All three editions have been ready for the dispatch.If you prefer receiving individual editions without the box, we can dispatch your order within the next week.We apologize for waiting.Thank you for your cooperation.Best regards,Jan for Team Black Barons

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