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  1. @RAK yup, I understand. Had just woken up so it took me a minute. Makes sense, I actually prefer it that way so I can justify getting the one click "no look honey, I had to get it to get the 4k disc" lol.
  2. Two questions. Is it correct that the special pack and full slip (with discs) have the exact same art work? Also is this going in a different style box? In the pic it looks super skinny. A clarification on the art is holding me back from making a choice atm.
  3. I'm happy with just P1 going Maniacs since it's the only one with Arnold and therefore the only true Predator film. If BB did a P2 I'd probably pick it up. I kinda doubt FA would do any others Predator films maniacs style because the series is just all over the place. At least with Terminator and Alien (1-4) there is constancy in the film's and characters and therefore more of a series.
  4. @airwins thanks for the review of bloodshot. I've started to stay away from Vin Diesel movies on account of them being kinda blah. I wasn't a fan of The last witch Hunter.
  5. @Veum Mine a nice delicious simple Burger. The hungrier I get though the more I add till it turns into a double patty baccon burger with smoked cheddar crumbled blue cheese and a side of seasoned curly fries.
  6. Nice picks @R1s1ngs0n @Trianna I haven't seen Princess Bride in forever. I also still need to see Zombie Land Double tap yet.
  7. I'm going to be watching The Mummy and The Mummy Returns tomarrow, I've got all my snacks!
  8. Currently there are none of the copies at the price I mentioned (I saw em a little bit ago while browsing and wondering what ppl were paying, since I had paid 175 for mine). Like Anything at a decent price on eBay it goes quick. I got a payment request for GitS yesterday. So glad I clicked the "want to buy" button when I did. I'm interested to see what # I get. On my last two movies I got direct Aquaman single lenti, and spiderman ffh i got #398 for both.
  9. Thank you all. At 38 other people remember my b-day more than I do lol.
  10. @ukade2327 did you also spring for the Dolby atoms speakers? If so is it worth it? I've been thinking of upgrading my receiver to one with a higher rate HDMI pass through and Atmos support having just gotten a 4k 3d tv my self a few months ago. The top firing small Atoms add on speakers arn't too terribly experiensive.
  11. No that's the BB one. I was reffing to the first one single XL with non exclusive steel slip they released before that.
  12. Even if I don't get it direct, the FA XL's, possibly do to their already high price, aren't that much more experiensive to get on eBay. I think FAC Alita is a little over $100 right now. Getting direct from FA with tax and shipping costs me about $80 USD. So it's not a huge increase for me. One way or another it shall be mine!
  13. Is "spot uv printing" glow in the dark? Or is it just a different phrase for spot glossing?

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