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  1. Of course we all have different preferences. For me, the HDZeta version of Inception is amazing. The lenti is very sharp and has great depth. But I was really surprised by how great the back looked. It has that rainbow holofoil effect, plus a glossy embossed character. I popped the regular blu-ray in the steelbook with the 4k and have a complete set. I couldn't be happier!
  2. I'm surprised to see so many of you guys don't like the official artwork. I think it looks fantastic! Bring on the HDzeta silver label!
  3. Finally got mine in the mail the other day. Absolutely gorgeous release. Top notch, and probably the best this movie will get since it's an unlikely candidate for a steelbook. The only thing that stands out as weird to me is why the title isn't centered on the spine. Otherwise, no complaints. Great movie, too!
  4. I was fortunate enough to get a copy of this beautiful edition. The lenticular is one of the best I've ever seen. I swapped the disc out with the Japanese 4K disc, and now I have the ultimate edition of Akira.
  5. Since the standard version of this is coming out soon, do we know when beauty shots of this will be released?
  6. I love the artwork on the lenticular, but I've never seen a CineMuseum set in real life before. Can anyone talk about the quality of their lenticulars vs their fullslips?
  7. Oh no, I guess I’m in the unlucky 10%, is that right @Count Dantes?
  8. I only liked the first one, so I'd rather they just do a single release.
  9. ^ Wow, that looks really fantastic! I can't wait to get my copy.
  10. I'm excited for this one. Manta always does a great job, and they will finally give this movie the gorgeous premium release it deserves!
  11. Oh man, they are all beautiful! I'm going to get that double lenticular!
  12. I'd better follow this one so I don't miss out like I did on The Shining group buy.

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