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  1. thanks for the photos how is the third disc held in the steelbook?
  2. BE has WEA steelbook artwork and WWA for OAB so far Spiderman Homecoming is the only MCU film that has OAB hope this helps!
  3. Paid! Thanks for the GB heard that they sold out all versions within minute after public sale was opened, glad that I joined the GB here!
  4. Sorry I have just waited so long for this. I think you can update now 😉
  5. it was opened like 4 years ago? 😂 good for you as a platinum member here!
  6. Hi all, this is my Blufans collection so far. I know it is nothing compared to most of the members here - I will be working hard on building my collection!
  7. bad news guys, they are now saying "possibly out" in early 2020...😭
  8. gosh they are pricing up this "premium" edition already from Captain Marvel to this, CM's one hasn't even been shipped yet
  9. Thanks all! I can feel a very warm welcome from you guys. I am at a rather initial stage of collection steelbooks, jealous when seeing some the pictures from the other folks here. I certainly will work hard on building my own collection!

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