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  1. Got me a preorder in for one of these.
  2. I only have one steelbook right now and it's the 2015 Fantastic 4 from BestBuy.
  3. Well to start I guess USA, not too sure about the other places. I've seen some videos on YouTube of some peoples collections and wow, amazing. I guess buying from other countries is like importing or something? I need to build my collection up.
  4. Yes, both of my parents are from Scotland.
  5. I was born in the US in Florida but live in Texas and I'm fully blooded Scottish. Both of my parent are from Grantown-on-Spey, Scottland. It's close to Inverness which is in the Highlands. My uncle knows how to play the bagpipes but my father doesn't. I always wanted to learn but never did. Maybe one day.
  6. About me hrm? Well, I like movies for one, Blu-rays at that. I haven't been collecting Blu-rays for that long, right now I have about 20 or so. My friend has a lot and I mean a lot of Blu-rays and she said I should start a good collection that I should start collecting steelbooks. I asked her what a steelbook was and she showed me and I thought it was really cool. So far I only have one steelbook and it's not a really good movie, it's the new Fantastic 4 movie. Anyways I thought that if she liked them and she said she frequented a couple of sites that had steelbooks for sale and all. I thought that was neat so I ventured off onto the internet and found a site about Blu-rays no less called blu-ray.com and joined and my friend she said I should join and talk to a moderator and get acquainted and ask about steelbooks. Anyways I don't remember his name but he became quite agitated that I was bugging him let alone about what he called stupid steelbooks and said if I want steelbooks that I should go visit Media Psychos or Hamton Ducks Nargles and he temporarily banned me for 3-days. I was very upset to say the least and almost gave up on collecting steelbooks. I ventured out onto the net again looking for Hamton Ducks Nargles or whatever Hamton Ducks Nargles means came up empty handed and then looked up Media Psychos and found this place. I hope I'm at the right place, please excuse me if I'm not. No need to ban me just tell me I'm in the wrong place and I'll leave and not say a word. Anyways that's how I got here.

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