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  1. Just got this title on ebay! Looking forward to another Chinese classic from Diskino!
  2. Just bought this on the classifieds section of this very forum. This was my number one most wanted title when I found out about Diskino, so I'm needless to say, very excited about adding it to my collection of Asian cinema.
  3. A great film to consider for future release that hasn't gotten a Blu Ray in any form would be Akira Kurosawa's RAN
  4. Put me down as another who would gladly scoop up THE HORSE THIEF if you reprinted
  5. I would also adore a release of the recent Indonesian film THE NIGHT COMES FOR US, my favorite recent martial arts film
  6. Tristan, if you are considering Hong Kong films Tsui Hark's incredible film THE BLADE still has no blu ray release at all, and artistically it's a masterpiece, up there with BRIDE WITH WHITE HAIR. Same with Sammo Hung's excellent PEDICAB DRIVER In terms of mainland Chinese stuff you haven't gotten to JOURNEY TO THE WESTERN XIA EMPIRE would be a great choice to consider.
  7. It occurs to me that I may be one of very few on this site who has seen this picture. It is an art house film involving swordsman that makes beautiful use of the Gobi Desert region in Western China. It functions as a story a bit like HIGH NOON where everything builds to a climatic showdown between the virtuous and wicked. It is, even in the sub standard form I currently own it, a beautiful, powerful, film. It is the rarest kind of film: an unpretentious movie about very deep ideas.
  8. So excited for this release! Currently the only release I have of this film is a DVD that Facets recorded from a CUNY-TV broadcast. To say this will be an improvement is an understatement.
  9. Really wish this company would tackle some Hong Kong films...
  10. Thanks very much for the warm welcome

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