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  1. Code ZAVEH12 still working for 12% off. £21.99 with code!
  2. Seems to be similar in size and opening direction to Mantas Logan special edition.
  3. I've just watched an unboxing of wonder woman and the case seemed to be quite large ,but is probably just false perspective as hes holding it up to camera!
  4. Is this right? @ksosk the height and width are the same as an amaray blu ray case which seems too small for these wooden cases
  5. Yep me too. It does seem wrong to clearly have the box the wrong way round so the opening flap is facing the floor as you hold it. Its maybe an OCD thing but I know which side the front of the box should be! If its the only way to achieve the image though , then thats what it has to be.
  6. Is the box the other way round now? Is the spine on the wrong side? Probably just me!
  7. @FlanInTheFaceThese are the gifts for each of the JW releases dude.
  8. Wow! This looks absolutely fab! Im so pleased I added the OC at the last minute. I saw the posts telling members they would not be disappointed with the OC and went for it. The attention to detail and quality of this release seems to be next level. Im sure all on the group buy will be pleased seeing these shots! 🤩
  9. Yep, Novamedia on FB commented that the steelbook would be glossy but no embossing. Im in the same boat in that these new releases are probably my best way of getting a premium John Wick.
  10. The lenticular is the better of the two for me but its a bit disappointing there is no booklet included. No embossing on the steelbook either!
  11. Holofoil and embossing. Fullslip A1 is looking epic! 🤩
  12. Im quite shocked that Her seems to be rated alongside BOP and FB2! Her is a fantastic, well reviewed, original movie that has stuck in my mind since I saw it years ago. The only premium I know of is the now expensive kimchidvd release which is a bit of a grail item, so its obviously popular. Im suprised more people are not clamouring to get hold of what would surely be a stunning Manta lab one click!
  13. Cheers @Grendel, I'll take a closer look at their releases! There are a quite a few titles I wouldnt mind in my collection 👍

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