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  1. Just found this guy trying to sneak in....
  2. This is a great looking release! The plus points for me are: .The wooden outer box is beautiful. .The booklet has text which is something I always appreciate. I want information on the movies I love. .The internal lenticular on a stand is a great idea Negatives: . The o ring slip inside. It would have been so much better in a quality full slip . The potato 🥔 cam and odd angles! A contender for a Razzie award winning unboxing video! Anyone know /guess the price of this yet? The normal UHD Club hard boxes ( Gladiator, Dunkirk) are £1
  3. There is still another box to be unveiled I believe. The Blade Runner display box for both editions like the Matrix trilogy box. From what Ive understood thats coming in a little while and these black boxes are the protective cases for the individual wooden editions ? Does that sound right?
  4. I recieved my copy today, and its beautiful! Its absolutely perfect and really feels special. As soon as I lifted the protective foam from on top I wanted some white gloves to handle it! Thanks to all involved!
  5. Still available at Warner bros shop UK for £89.99 . Use WELCOME code with a new email address. It only works for your first purchase.
  6. Its sold out at Zavvi, Amazon and HMV . Its still available at Warner bros shop UK though. Use code WELCOME for your first purchase ( or a new email address) to get 10% off. Its £89.99!
  7. The Top Gun pics have been out for months now. The thing with Cine museum is that they seem to advertise soooo many titles, but dont seem to release anything! They seem like a fantasy business. There might be 8 to 10 titles they have advertised and shown shots for but none have seen the light of day yet.
  8. Wow that is disappointing. It does look a bit potato cam doesn't it. For £90 I expect a lot better!
  9. Pre ordered! I thought it would be sold out by the time saw all the alerts! I know the Hdzeta box will be around twice the price. Thats how Ive sold it to myself. £90 delivered is actually a bargain and I'd be silly not to! 😄
  10. WOW! This looks spectacular! BR and BR 2049 together with the outer box for them, is really going to be up there with the best I've ever seen. Standard one click boxes are going to look so ordinary compared to this! STUNNING!
  11. UHD Clubs Dunkirk release seems to be the one to own looking at this.
  12. Code ZAVEH12 still working for 12% off. £21.99 with code!
  13. Seems to be similar in size and opening direction to Mantas Logan special edition.
  14. I've just watched an unboxing of wonder woman and the case seemed to be quite large ,but is probably just false perspective as hes holding it up to camera!

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