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  1. Hahaha thank you so much 😁 Only got into collecting through you guys here and I’m so grateful 🙏🏻
  2. Thank you @extantsrevenge 😊😁 nice to hear
  3. Thank you very much @romeroland yes I Hope that there will be an amazing release for Endgame by Blufans 👍🏻
  4. Hallo @Catgirl 😁👋🏻
  5. @BobaFett1974 @raylight Ah danke euch für die Info 👍🏻
  6. Omg ja das bin ich hahahaha 😁
  7. @extantsrevenge @hummels23 @CAYENNE-FAHRER @Gubbel @BobaFett1974 Danke euch allen für die nette Begrüßung 😁👍🏻 Finde es echt super hier und ist cool, dass es auch nen deutschen Bereich gibt. Mich wollte jetzt alle eure Willkommensbeiträge liken, aber dann kam die Meldung, dass ich heute keine Reacts mehr zur Verfügung habe 🤔 Weiß jemand was es damit auf sich hat? Und auch von mir an alle einen guten Wochenstart 💪🏻
  8. @icewire Thank you my friend 🙏🏻
  9. Hi @Veum 👋🏻😁 yeah I found out about it by watching YouTube videos etc. 👍🏻 and I love it. It’s such an important thing to have in today’s time where many people just download the movies online. I mean if you buy a film in iTunes, where is your great lenticular? 😊 How old are you if I may ask 😎 Best wishes
  10. Hello @Robertm89 and thank you. Yes I already see it that everybody in here is very nice 😁 it’s amazing.
  11. Thank you for the warm welcome @Scary Hair❤️ It‘s so nice to be here with people thinking the same way. I’m so excited to take part in Group Buys in the future 😍 Much love
  12. Hello fellow collectors and movie fans 😁 my name is Leon, I’m 19 and from a small town called „Landshut“ near Munich in Germany. I just joined the MP here because of my recently started obsession with steelbooks. I know I’m a little late to the party but I thought to join late is better than never. My main focus lies on MCU Steelbooks, especially the Blufans editions 💪🏻 Its nice to meet you all and I’m very happy to be a part of the MP community now ✅

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