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  1. Hello all. I join you as a movie collector of more than 30 years and movie lover of over 40 years. My current collection consists of over 2,000 DVDs and I'm quickly closing in on 1,000 Blu-rays. I starting my collecting days with VHS and my very first VHS was E.T. back in 1988. I had seen it a handful of times at the drive-in with my mother in its original run and again during its re-release in '85. When it was announced that E.T. was finally being made available to retail in October 1988 it became my first original movie medium and I haven't looked back since. Collecting movies is a passion of mine. I love movies. Many movies remind me of simpler times. Being with friends, family and loved ones. I've owned many of my favourite movies on multiple formats and sometimes multiple times on a single format. The Star Wars Trilogy, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future and so many more have graced my shelves as VHS, DVD and Blu-ray media. I've probably owned nearly a dozen different releases of the original Star Wars Trilogy over the years. I love movies of all genres, periods and budgets. I love sci-fi, horror, action, documentary, comedy, mystery, drama, the works. I'll never not love watching Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Thing, and many more but my all time favourite movies are Jaws and The Princess Bride. I've seen both dozens of times and I'll see them many more dozens of times before I leave this mortal coil. Some of the greatest joy these days involves introducing classic movies that I've enjoyed to my daughters. Seeing them again for the first time through their eyes is amazing. Watching them experience Daniel winning the All-Valley Championship for the first time or Marty hitting 88mph or Luke and Leia swing to safety on the Death Star is like being able to experience it for the first time again myself. They've only just begun their movie education and so I have many years of joy ahead as they get older and I am able to introduce them to more fantastic movies as they become age appropriate. I look forward to sharing my experience and experiences with all of you and learning about yours.

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