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  1. Hi guys any idea when Hdzeta start shipment in this? Cheers As always when they get around to it 😁❤❤ When they arrive as long aa they are safe and sound to me us all that matters 😍😍💋
  2. It's a shame hdzeta didn't do T2, to have a consistent collection with all the other Terminators
  3. Thanks very much , most informative. I'll check out the 75th anniversary edition Where were you planning to get the 4k steelbook from? Rgds
  4. Thanks @ksosk, but the complete set is still missing MIB 3 right? This set will include MIB 1& 2 and 4...? Rgds
  5. Good point, will probably go well with the Kimchi 1 & 2 releases Although I'm at bit bummed why Kimchi didn't complete the set with MIB 3? A premium release for MIB 3 is a big hole in this collection
  6. Hmmmm , I wonder how this will compare to the Hdzeta silver release? Typically I'd go for Hdzeta, but Weet have upped their game recently. Especially with Black Panther, they smashed it out of the park!
  7. Hi Grendel, how would you compare the 70th vs 75th anniversary release ? Is there any over-lap in memorabilia or different contents in each? And what about the blu ray themselves..I'm guessing similar content? And what's your opion the 80th anniversary edition coming up? I guess the main attraction is 4k?
  8. Hi @ksosk The GB link isn't active yet, I'm guessing the GB will open at some point? Any further updates on the Hdzeta release for Wizard of Oz? Cheers
  9. Hi Dave, how would you compare the 1/4 slip vs OC? Do you think the 1/4 slip is more of a novelty?
  10. To be fair, probably not the best of films for a OC, so will go for the DL. The final fight between Zod vs Superman felt like a video game. Nothing beats original Superman 1 & 2 (Christopher Reeve), if only they'd do a Gold Label for that.. Another observation. Shame the special pack for this doesn't have lenticular cards like Aquaman. This one has 12 character cards, but Hdzeta do lovely lenti cards in their special pack sometimes (Ready Player One and Aqua come to mind)..
  11. Wow....it wasn't that great a film was it? Or, was it ...🤔 Don't know buddy, it was ok.... I just think movies in general haven't been kind to Venom. Such a great character, they messed him up in spidey 3, and I think Venom deserves more..
  12. Thanks @Veum, yep 100% agree Hi @Steelbook Indy buddy .....perhaps @XtrmeSteelbooks227 can advise you of the benefits of Gold membership He's also a new member, and I was having the exact same conversation with him a few weeks ago lol. Thankfully he's a believer now....😂
  13. From Kimchidvd Facebook... We note that our server is being checked currently. We will restore it as soon as possible. We are very sorry for your inconvenience.

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