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  1. Hmmmm is this release necessary after Hdz? Why do FA track other releases all the time, rather than giving titles which have not had premium releases before Schindlers list, first man and now this... all prior Hdz silver label releases..
  2. Hi @ksosk No worries from us, we are eagerly awaiting and will continue to support this. As Forrest Gump would say, you "just keep running"
  3. I see, very interesting... I honestly would have no issue with disc less premium releases (cheaper)..
  4. Good point @DodgyDave, perhaps disc-less editionsveould not be such a bad thing (if it works out cheaper e.g the recent Frozen 2 Fanatics). Discs can easily be topped up. But even for disc less releases, wouldn't premium retailers still have to pay something to release the studio's title? OR would they pay significantly less than releading a disc version?
  5. To be honest, it was a shite film. The series was dead after T2 The rest of the films were a bad money spinning excuse, and they milked it to the extent that even if they were to make a cracking film - so much franchise fatigue has set in! Terminator 3 had a nice T-chick, Terminator Salvation was a joke, Genesis was passable due to one scene (two Arnies at each other). And don't even mention the Sarah Connor chronicles The whole concept of this particular film was absurd. Who could have thought the the stone cold, cold blooded Terminators shown in T1 and T2, could mellow down on their old age, develop a guilty conscience and start helping humans and become Sarah Connor sympathisers. These are Terminators for feck sake. They are at their best when (and I quote) "cannot be bargained with, cannot be reasoned with". That said, I would have liked Hdz to complete the set. The only way I wold have brought this was on Hdz The film does not warrant a premium purchase for any other reason than a box completion exercise.
  6. Haha, but I still agree with every word you said vis-a-vis Jaws
  7. @DodgyDaveso you liked Piranha then.. Agree, it wasn't bad at all.. Pretty good. I was just curious as to why this went on and became a cult, whilst other B adaptations were consigned to history What was it about this particular film.. That it formed an identity and following of its own (and in its own right, independent of Jaws)..?
  8. To all The Shining fans out there.. Has anyone of you seen the documentary Room237? Please let me know my fellow MPs... stuck at home and trying to get into the more academic stuff for my beloved films I've seen a few already e.g documentary 78/52 on the Hitchcock shower scene And the lovely "back in time" tribute documentary on Back to the Future Thinkimg of watching Room237, but as always, would love to hear from my fellow knowledgeable movie lovers as well. Any feedback, opinion and thoughts would be most welcome and appreciated
  9. Guys I had a question to my fellow members Apologies, I know this is the Jaws thread, but I watched Piranha the other day (1978 original). Jaws spurred many low budget B tributes, this being one of them. Question is, why is it only this one that went on to become the cult classic it has..? Was it really such a good film.. Have you guys watched it.. Did you like it..?? I thought it was OK, but would love to get some of your thoughts on this.. So let me know what you think about Piranha 1978...would you like a Premium to be released for it and why?
  10. As usual, good job MP Very interesting and rather unusual to be paying an invoice whilst the group buy is still open.. I think that's a first..
  11. Great news. If only all premium releases were like this..
  12. I think the question is "how is Media Psychos with Group buys"? In all honesty you could go directly , but always a possibility of you not securing a copy or the sheer number of people on their website causing it to crash. With a group buy, you have the best chance of securing the copy you want.. Plus you are kept up to date with status etc of releases.. So you can't miss anything I think the merits of a GB outweigh a direct purchase in my opinion (given the limited quantities available).

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