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  1. Hi @Benoit46 and @deckard99 Any ETA on this release? Many thanks I'm guessing the virus situation will delay things indefinitely..?
  2. Ah yes thanks @Basil Don't know why the same cannot be applied on the Fanatics releases, open the GB for everyone and just push the tiered members on top..?
  3. Loving the artwork Will this also be a tiered GB, or open to all members once GB is active?
  4. @DodgyDave please tell me why you are collecting two of each lol I'm most intrigued..... Oh and yes, why the hell have you got one shoe on.. Everything is dodgy in Dave's household lol
  5. I've voted. I thought let's go for a bit of diversity, so I voted for "5 different editions" award. But seems like DC will win.. Let's face it, one's personal showoff collections are either Marvel or DC
  6. Thanks @Basilfor sharing your thoughts Listening to members' experiences and knowledge is very informative. I appreciate when members share honest and transparent info with fellow members. Looking out for each other. After all, we're all part of one team 😉 Rgds
  7. For the new 4k Marvel steels, Zavvi and Bestbuy are pretty much the same However, one big advantage Bestbuy has over Zavvi... BB have digital codes included. Zavvi not very hot on digital codes for some reason. Sometimes you want to watch good old Groot on the plane with flight mode on.. 😉
  8. Damn Red carpet. Any idea what the price of the boxset is?? Please share the info red carpeters. Many thanks
  9. Also, I'm guessing it's a limited print run. Any idea roughly what the MP allocation might be?
  10. Great stuff MP When can we start choosing the editions Cheers
  11. Thanks buddy... I meant go live order date. As usual the damned red carpeters will get first pick..

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