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  1. Finally... an affordable alternative to the Humidor edition 👏
  2. Nice... anyone aware of ay other premium release on this (apart from Bestbuy or Zavvi of course).. Or just Manta so far
  3. Thanks Ksosk, any idea who will be first out of the tracks between Hdzeta and Manta? Or no one has a clue yet
  4. Good advice buddy.. are the timescales for Hdzeta and Manta the same or markedly different times of release for this particular title?
  5. This will be a difficult one, HDzeta will likely also release this. So does one stick with the Hdzeta DC line or go for Manta (which always produces lovely work)
  6. Dear MP noblemen and women Not sure who's in charge of this GB, but I've paid for my OC invoice Kindly PM me to acknowledge Cheers
  7. Thanks Dave, will we be expecting 2nd invoices then (for shipping) pretty soon? Cheers
  8. Couldn't agree more @Scary Hair I'm glad they are on.. loved some of their earlier releases which I had to buy from eBay
  9. Interesting .. previously I had my knuckles wrapped for mentioning CM on this website I was told it's not a retailer MP supports generally.. Well, nice to know we have a choice of GBs on this one, they've made some good stuff in the past (e.g Untouchables, Red Sparrow , First Man etc) Will be interesting to know what were the issues preventing MP holding GBs for CM in the past (as members, we have a right to know) However, that said - well done to MP staff for being progressive and driving this forward Have to agree with @Robertm89 though, don't like extortionate prices on their website. I guess it's with every business.. Demand creates it's own supply - and everyone is in the business of making money

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