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  1. Got my OC today and wow just gorgeous 😍. For those who opened theirs, Has anyone found a sleeve that would fit over this as a protector?!
  2. Hey everyone! Thanks to everyone who has been so welcoming to me the past couple week. Huge shoutout to @romeroland for bringing me here. My wife despises you all already . I recently got into collecting Steelbook around Christmas of 2018 and this is my collection already. Im realizing the premium are a much more expensive hobby but darn are they beautiful. Im actually Canadian and recently moved to Utah with my wife. We just had our first little guy join us one month ago and hes awesome! My username comes from my time i lived in Russia with my brother doing service for a year in Novosibirsk and Moscow. He always said i looked similar to Putin haha super strange so thats always been my username! Also huge shoutout to @deckard99 & @Masterblaster they have been amazing helping me through this new process and answering all my excessive questions. You two have made it an awesome experience IMG_3667.HEIC
  3. Sorry if this is a silly question but im still completely new to all of this. If i didnt get to order the previous One Clicks that HDZeta came out with earlier this year, can i order this and will it come with all 3 one clicks in the box? Im hoping its the box plus the 3 one clicks inside since i missed out on those amazing steelbooks Or is this just an empty box for those who have the 3 one clicks to order? Hope that makes sense
  4. @romerolandThanks so much! Glad to be here, nervous about the hurt this is going to put on my bank account but i cant contain the addiction 😂

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