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  1. FlanInTheFace left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Blade Runner 2049 (UHD CLUB Exclusive UC#14) (4K + Bonus Disc Wooden Box Edition) (Digipak) [China]
    Absolutely perfect transaction! Incredibly fast shipping and packed very safely! Thanks very much, Eli!

    R1s1ngs0n was The Seller

  2. hal56 left Positive feedback   

    Perfect transaction from start to finish. Pleasure to deal with you. Thanks, mate!

    R1s1ngs0n was The Seller

  3. cypheria078 left Positive feedback   

    A real pleasure to deal with. Thank you for this beauty 😊

    R1s1ngs0n was The Seller

  4. bearlol left Positive feedback   

    Your reactivity and your master word my friend, it's always a pleasure, once again thanks a lot 😉 ​

    R1s1ngs0n was Trading

  5. ScottVA left Positive feedback   

    Always a please coordinating anything with Eli. Fast delivery. Excellent condition. Fair price.

    R1s1ngs0n was The Seller

  6. romain left Positive feedback   

    Pleasant transaction to do again anytime you want thanks for the help buddy

    R1s1ngs0n was The Seller

  7. Trianna left Positive feedback   

    Package arrived safe and sound! Always makes sure that everything goes smoothly 👍 Merci beaucoup mon croissant 🥐

    R1s1ngs0n was The Seller

  8. BobaFett1974 left Positive feedback   

    Has payed every time long before he gets the item. Thats what a seller wants 😁!

    R1s1ngs0n was The Buyer

  9. Trianna left Positive feedback   

    Fast delivery, safe packaging and excellent price. Top member! Danke Baguette!

    R1s1ngs0n was The Seller

  10. Hollywood E Rock left Positive feedback   

    As a first time seller he handle our transaction with as much professionalism as any experienced seller I’ve done business with. This is a seller that can be trusted & I was very happy with how our transaction turned out. Thank you I really appreciate the kind service.

    R1s1ngs0n was The Seller

  11. Masterblaster left Positive feedback   

    Great member , paid promptly and terrific in the communication. Thanks again.

    R1s1ngs0n was The Buyer

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