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  1. Hi @deckard99 thank you for moving my post I wasn’t 100% sure where to ask the question. You’ve however moved the question into category for the Second Fantastic beasts film though lol I wanted to know if the 1st Fantastic Beasts 4K release had a region free blu-Ray... The second film did have a U.K release in 4K you are correct but the 1st film which I wanted to know about did not. thanks, ethan
  2. Hi, I am new and just working out how to use the site, if I have posted in the wrong section please let me know... I live in the U.K and a lot of steelbooks do not get released here compared to places such as the U.S. I wanted to buy the 4K 'Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them' steelbook but it wasn't released in the U.K. I have found one on eBay but it is from America. I know that 4k is Region Free but I wanted to know whether the Blu-Ray was Region Free or not because our Front Room is set up for 4K but the other family members only have their TV's set up for Blu-Ray so they would want to use that disc. I know Blu-Ray.com tells has a region tester section but the comment lead me to believe it wasn't region free so I wanted to find out directly from someone here. My question is could someone who has the American 4K Steelbook of the first 'Fantastic Beasts' tell me if their Blu-Ray is Region free please? Thanks, Ethan
  3. Hello, thank you all for the kind words! I was directed here from reddit and was told this was a top notch community lol. Can't wait to work my way around and get started... Thanks, Ethan

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