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  1. I might actually be willing to rent this one for $30 on a streaming service lol. Though I'd prefer the theater as my home set up comes absolutely nowhere close to a theater experience and my neighbors get pissy if the volume is too loud.
  2. My wallet no longer complains about single premium releases, it's just happy it survived the Best Buy Marvel/Disney flood of 2019.
  3. Hopefully not October lol, that's when the rest of the MCU steels I need are being dumped out all at once. And also Frozen.
  4. lol yeah. But I figure I definitely want this movie, and the Best Buy steel is definitely bland as heck, and whatever Manta Lab chooses will definitely be better so what's even the point of waiting for the beauty shots?
  5. With the way my luck is going, I'll receive the first invoice on the same day Best Buy releases all those 4k Pixar steels... I keep telling myself I only want Brave, but we all know it's a lie.
  6. Damn, they're really pushing this supposed August release date, aren't they?
  7. I just got my Aquaman lenti today and it is amazing. Also my first Manta Lab. I loved it so much I decided I want all my future DC film universe steels to match and immediately came here to join the GB. I'm just sad I came into this hobby too late for Wonder Woman. But at least there's always 1984. Hopefully they make a lenti out of the acid poster.
  8. *squeals of excitement and anticipation* The pink looks glorious I can't wait to get it in hand.
  9. Noob question: As a new member, I've bought deposits for 3 group buys, but only one of those three GBs has actually completed. If I sign up for this one, do I need to buy a fourth deposit since two out of my three newbie GBs haven't completed yet?
  10. Well, looks like June is going to utterly murder my wallet, between all the steelbooks and video games I want. Well, who needs groceries anyway. Subsisting off of rice and eggs is part of being a Real Adult.
  11. How nice, waking up to my most highly anticipated beauty shots! Double Lenti <3 And the actual steelbook is exactly the one I was hoping it would be, too.

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