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  1. Apparently one of Zavvi's suppliers has discovered some marvel trading cards from 1984 containing 60 cards in total and has made a limited amount available to them. They are currently listed for £19.99.... Link below. https://www.zavvi.com/merch-memorabilia/marvel-vintage-original-1984-trading-cards-complete-set-of-60/12129389.html?utm_source=23062019-zuk-marvel-trading-cards&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=23062019-zuk-marvel-trading-cards&affil=thgemail&ecrmcid=jeExk8K0OqNbo3eXdMbv21Bnz7XZAd95&shae=Ycoi3lzAYbNvhNWLBoNQRI6wKhVSFeyEIvzmpaUClxA%3D&sendTime=1561309200&widget_id=1392352
  2. As already mentioned, invest some time in researching what sort of prices they go for. Hopefully you'll get some nice surprises!!!
  3. Seems like a pretty good deal to me. Hopefully they will all arrive in good condition and, as already stated, you can always sell some of these on....
  4. Glad you like the pics. This is a stunning release which has been treated with the respect it deserves. You will absolutely love it!!!
  5. Hoping to try and get some decent close ups of the extras in this set at some point. The overall quality is superb, as is the pesention.. Just stunning!!
  6. Here it is. Apologies for the picture quality and for splitting the digipack pics. Couldn't get a wide enough close up shot
  7. Planning on doing so, just haven't had time to do a fully extensive photo shoot yet.
  8. Arrived 'today courtesy of Masterblaster and blu.steel33. I honestly don't think this will ever be equalled in its beauty. The 'grail' in my collection!! Thank you so much guys for helping me out with this. You are true stars!!!
  9. I don't usually go for items that incur customs fees but I want this so much I was prepared to make an exception. In all my years of collecting I don't think I've ever been as excited about any other edition of any movie....
  10. Great!!Thanks to you guys for sorting me out with this!!!
  11. Thanks to Masterblaster I have now bagged a copy. Can't wait to receive it. Thanks buddy!!
  12. That would be The Blue Danube by Johann Strauss ll
  13. Its unfortunate that a copy with the exclusive Mediapsychos lenticular has found its way onto ebay for a scalpers price. Clearly not a true collector...
  14. Hi and thanks for the warm, helpful welcome!!

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