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  1. finally arrived. really satisfied. almost leather effect. now as it is my first order can someone tell me how to receive a partial deposit refund? thanks in advance and mediapsycos strength
  2. @deckard99 I meant that, the deposit. therefore the price paid is the finished price of that edition. do I just have to wait for the product? Right?
  3. @deckard99 invoice paid. very happy. a curiosity though. I had made the partial payment. Did the amount that I received to pay today take into account that partial payment made previously? Thanks.
  4. @deckard99 sorry if I intrude, but neither for the title in question nor for 3 others (interstellar uhd digipack, inception uhd digipack and the lighthouse mlife) I have not received any payment / invoice request on my paypal account, despite having made the deposit for all 4 titles. for me there are no problems, I would just like to be sure that I have not "lost" the titles anyway.
  5. ok so now i don't make any deposits. I await your communications. I take this opportunity to ask if you know when I will receive the invoice to pay the other 3 versions for which I made a partial payment: interstellar inception and the lighthouse. thank you very much💪
  6. good evening guys sorry question. I pre-ordered this edition. I have not yet 3 of your editions in hand and therefore I should make a partial payment. can you send me the details? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi. Do you know when the GB will be close? Thanks guys💪🔝
  8. Good morning guys. Thank you for all the welcome messages you sent me. It's the first time I've signed up for a buying group forum. is there anyone who can kindly explain to me how I should proceed if I wanted to buy an Asian edition in the future?

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