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  1. Same! I'm just beyond happy that my favorite movie of the year got a premium! I was so pumped for this movie. And it went above and beyond my expectations!
  2. The stickers are cute but I do wish they were tiny patches! But man does the outer box look fantastic!
  3. Absolutely love that slipcover! I agree @Ryve the back looks so good! But I also love that we get the little sign for Pizza Realm on the front of the slip! My favorite fictional company is Pizza Planet and the fact they rebranded it as Pizza Realm specifically for Onward is fantastic!
  4. When @extantsrevenge posted it they said it would be a "Fullslip + 3D Magnet Steelbook™ Limited Collectors Edition - Numbered." So it'll have the fullslip and 3D magnet which will hopefully both have some cool new art I imagine! @extantsrevenge also confirmed April 11th that it would be WWA and not WEA unfortunately =/.
  5. That's awesome! So glad to see other people enjoying it! Especially with their kids!
  6. Gotcha! I normally preorder anyways as Zavvi doesn't take out the money until the item ships which is really nice! This way I don't miss out on a steelbook and if the art is the same I can always cancel it. But yeah BF won't probably be for awhile if it does come but I'm crossing my fingers! Till then like you said I'm watching any other drops like a hawk! I just rewatched it last night! Was coming up with some fun t-shirt designs . It was perfect as I had just gotten the Leap Day marathon exclusive blanket I bought off someone. It's super comfortable and looks great! I unfortunately didn't find a marathon in my area but I at least got to go to the advanced screening!
  7. Makes sense! I always just preorder anyways as they don't take the money out till it ships. So as long as you keep track of it then you can always cancel when they push final art. There's been a few times I haven't and have missed out on a steelbook unfortunately. True, even if BF does end up getting one it won't be for awhile probably. Especially with all the stuff going on now. But I'm definitely tracking for any other merchants posting one, like FA! Hahaha I literally just watched it again last night while coming up with some shirt ideas! It was even better since I got my Leap Day Onward exclusive blanket for the marathon in the mail I got off Mercari! It's so comfortable and looks awesome! I just wish I would've been able to actually go to it myself! But I at least saw the advanced screening that day.
  8. Hahaha you me and both! I've had the Best Buy and Zavvi ones preordered since announced! I was going to preorder the recent one from France but looks to be using the same art. Though I normally don't go for movies with non-English logos, I think I would for this film! Just to have as many collected as possible! So maybe I still will get it. I'm really really REALLY holding out hope for a Blufans collection but I seriously doubt we'll get one.
  9. YES! I've been freakin' waiting on the edge of my seat for someone to announce a premium Onward version! As someone whose never ordered from Filmarena, I assume we can order from the states? Cannot wait to see what they come up with! As much as I absolutely love the Jean jacket artwork being used, I really really want some WEA!
  10. Like Basil said, I feel like it's a "to each their own" type of situation. Some people enjoy a lower number while others couldn't careless. Some people leave their One Clicks sealed and some people open them. It's all whatever the person likes. I wasn't even thinking of numbers when I got mine but was just more so surprised it was a low number and thought it was fun! If I'd have gotten #1000 something it wouldn't of mattered to me.
  11. This being my first Blufans I'm unsure of how difficult it is to acquire such a low number. But I was definitely not expecting to get #5! However, seeing as I'll only ever probably have a small handful of Blufans I'm sure glad I did! Thanks! I was trying to think of everything and anything to take photos or videos of. I left a few specific things out but felt I captured them in some of the photos already. Hahaha do it! I'd love to see what numbers everyone else got! And yeah I am not dissapointed in the least with finally picking up a Blufans. It's just such a great small package that's perfect for us collectors.
  12. Well I'm not @Count Dantes but I did however also receive my One Click and absolutely couldn't contain myself. I immediately opened up everything! Just posted my unboxing breakdown on the steelbook subreddit and know everyone here is itching to see everything as well! You can find the full album on imgur here with gifs of the lenticular boxsets and steelbook! I've added a few photos below to preview this absolutely beautiful set! Couldn't believe I was lucky enough to get a single digit number for my first Blufans and One Click edition! Definitely my favorite edition I've made to my collection!
  13. Same! I'm super excited to finally receive my first Blufans! Especially with a movie as fantastic as Into the Spider-verse is! Then j get to look forward to my fanbox!
  14. I think the fanbox looks awesome! It's exactly what I wanted when I bought it after getting the OC. A simple and clean way to display the steelbook with a fun display stand. Plus I personally like the idea of being able to switch covers up as I love all of those designs!

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