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  1. Thanks Goose. The rug really ties mine togerther.....🤣😂🤣
  2. Hey goose. Can you email me a high res portion on the right? If so please send it to dshot75@hotmail.com thanks, amazing work btw darren.
  3. Haha. Looks awesome goose. How does it get applied? Or do you take care of that as well.
  4. My name here is also my gamer tag. D for Darren.....my real name. Shot.....well that’s fairly straight forward, and the 4Twenty is because I’m a medical marijuana supporter. My avatar is the dudes bowling ball from the big lebowski because I just love that movie and am fairly similar to the dude himself 🤪
  5. What’s everyone looking forward to this year as far as releases go?
  6. I’m sure I will. Man I wish I woulda been here sooner.
  7. Glad to be here. Love being a fellow media psycho. I for one do NOT know a lot of French. Hehe. West Coast English speaker that can mess up French real bad. Lol.
  8. Your welcome. I tried for platinum but none were left. I don’t mind supporting something great. Glad to be a member.
  9. Thanks extantsrevenge. Love being here. I’m super excited about this group.
  10. Thank you icewire. I’m super stoked to be here.
  11. Hello everyone. I’m super stoked to be part of this group. I have always loved steel books and exclusive items. I have only been collecting for a couple years but now that I’m part of this super awesome group I hope to add some goodies to the collection. I was born and raised in western Canada. I do photo and video production as well as grow medical marijuana here in Canada. I have a passion for off road excursions, film making, photography, gaming( pc, Xbox,ps as well as a large collection of board games) and last but not least MOVIES!
  12. Thanks for the open armed welcome. I’m super stoked to be part of the community here.

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