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  1. Got these in the mail yesterday. Trying to build up my hdzeta collection with the popular titles. Any recommendations for rare and valuable titles would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. LMT0286

    blufans.png.51d7ae7b33836ca91ac8991943e86c5e Media Psychos Blufans Award

    Awesome thank you. I was pretty lucky to find a one click of dr strange. It takes allot of self control not to open it lol.
  3. LMT0286

    blufans.png.51d7ae7b33836ca91ac8991943e86c5e Media Psychos Blufans Award

    Here are the Blufans I have so far. I have more on the way but I wanted to see if I can get my first trophy. Hopefully this qualifies
  4. Came home from work to find this surprise from my girlfriend. I don’t know we’re she found it I’m so happy. One step closer to having all the marvel Blufans 😁
  5. .

    1. LMT0286


      sorry i thought i was writing on a post and i must have clicked on your page by accident. my bad 

  6. are there any update on when the slip covers for the HDZETA one click box sets will be available?
  7. Mailman coming though with the Sunday delivery. I was lucky to find this one in perfect condition. My collection is growing 🤗
  8. hahaha yeah ive decided to sell all my best buy steels to buy premiums. i may regret that one day but if i dont make some money to put toward my premiums my lady might kill me.
  9. LOL just sold this one to
  10. I just sold my 2 copy's a few days ago. I already miss them
  11. LMAO thanks for the advise
  12. thank you very much. Im doing my best to make up for lost time as this is a somewhat new hobby of mine. Ive always collected movies just nothing premium. Until now lol. i have a few nice pieces coming in next week. Im going to keep this thread going until i run out of money lol

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