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  1. @Veum thanks for the support, it's been a nightmare to be honest, we're tying to keep our buyer happy too (the chain is currently four) but only so much we can do to start looking for another property but difficult when we work fulltime and have young kids too.
  2. @Benoit46 Sorry I've not chosen an option yet, we're going through a house move which has just fallen through last week. The house we're buying the seller backed out before signing contract so haven't been fully engaged with anything else at present. Is this GB now closed for any option?
  3. @ksosk looks awesome thanks for posting. Cannot wait to get both of these. Are these coming before xmas do you think?
  4. Looks awesome and cannot wait to get this and BR UHD beauties on my shelf 😍 Thanks for all the efforts @ksosk
  5. @ksosk Hi, was just checking through the GBs I'm signed up to and noticed that I'm missing from the GB participation list - please can you add me as I've mistaking submitted two separate requests for this group buy at different times, sorry, as I my name wasn't on the GB list. thanks
  6. Hi, I'm position #202 and not a new member, can that be updated please just in case it raises any deposit flags thanks 😁
  7. Just on the off chance were there any spare one click boxsets going spare please?
  8. @Scary Hair thank you and to all mods for the warm welcome and my slow but steady journey to bankruptcy ?
  9. ok awesome thanks for the info @Benoit46 , if you need me to pay any amount unfront as I'm new that is cool too ? I did read the group buy page beforehand but wasn't totally sure what I was suppose to do next after joining the GB with payment ?
  10. thank you both ? Just trying to find my way around the site. Earlier I wanted to add myself to this group buy > [WCL Exclusive #017] 2001 : A Space Odyssey (4K + 2BD) (Digipak) [China] I submitted the 'request copy' not sure what happens next, do I need to pay any money now, sorry just finding my feet. thanks
  11. Been collecting since the VHS days, urgh I'm so old, I purchased American Ninja on VHS from my local video store for about £40 back in the day ? But my first real collector's set was a reservoir dogs vhs box set from HMV cir. mid 90s that came with loads of goodies such as a comb, dog tags and hair gel...wtf. Anyway I haven't really stopped collecting, although I have cleared my collection a number of times to free up cash for the onslaught joy of bring up my rugrats ? Been on the usual sites for some time but was not aware of this site until yesterday after buying Saving Private Ryan HDzeta edition from the bay, the seller who has been great sent me a link to sign up. Can't wait to get it in the post. Just hope I don't go bankrupt now after joining the site.
  12. Welcome to our new member oldpainless

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