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  1. This is a great edition and it comes with a bunch of character note pads you can write on, something different that's pretty cool.
  2. @ksosk The looks wonderful, nice pics and I can't wait to see mine up close.
  3. @extantsrevenge Thanks I'll be sure to check it out the links, the autographs are rare so it would be cool if some would like to sell some of there's.
  4. Yeah I totally understand but just a thread would be awesome to get people together for the cause, it's rare that I see anyone that actually got an autograph for these types of limited edition sets.
  5. Do you guys have an autograph thread where you can maybe trade with others, that would be amazing because I've been trying to track down a few and grow my collection.@ksosk
  6. Lol. yeah it's nice overall and it's a great movie in opinion, it's a fun watch. The autograph makes the purchase so much sweeter, I can send you a link from where I bought it, it cost me $75 so it was the cheapest I can find.
  7. Your welcome, and I just didn't want to lurk on this site so I had to at least provide somehow. The bummer is that the rare random autographs only come in this edition, but I got lucky even if it cost me a bit more because I got the main actor's autograph. His autograph is probably worth hundreds of dollars, so I hit the jackpot
  8. Hey guys I just got this in and want to show whoever is interested in buying it how it looks. I got the pr order so I got the extra white slip case. I also got Ma Dong-seok's (the main actor) autograph. The rare random autograph only comes in the Box Set edition and there are no random autographs in the lone slip case edition. FYI if your hoping for an autograph the only way is to buy the box set but it's still only random so your chances are slim at best, but I'm lucky so my chance is high, lol.
  9. Yes that's the one. I'll pay for this one and the one on pre-order.
  10. Is it possible for me to get the first one as well, I want both. I'll pay the deposit for the pre order and the first one. The website won't take my cards, I don't think my banks in the U.S trust the website.
  11. The first one is still available in The website you sent me. Is that an error??
  12. Can you give me a link or place Can I join the group buy, I will deposit the $10 first. Where should I go, a link. Also can you tell how much (estimation) it will cost me for the total, shipping and price of the blu ray I'm new so I'm not aure how the total works because I've never joined a group buy I always buy the products from the merchants themselves. I'm in the U.S. Thanks
  13. Do you know if Korea will release this movie and the first one in the future,? They haven't even released the first one yet so I've been looking for special edition from other parts of the world.
  14. Yes, I'm in the U.S and would like to buy it.
  15. Hello, I'm new here but I wanted to quickly ask where can you by this edition and the first one as well? I see no links for this or the first deluxe blu ray. Thank you

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