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  1. jaferris

    Anime Collection

    Good titles i liked Testament of new sister devil because of the action ? No game no life is awesome the movie is out soon
  2. jaferris

    Anime Collection

    Anime is expensive in the UK, main place i use is from All The Anime they usually have a discount before release to bump pre-orders, or if can risk and wait they have a 12 days of xmas which contains loads of discounts my anime collection jumped loads due to 2017 deals
  3. playing on the xbox one x also you can't just swing sword you have to aim a specific areas and do combos to break guard or just have a better weapon than opponent, also using the bow is hard to begin with worth practicing in the woods hunting rabbits as if you can get them you'd be fine lol
  4. unique game, the setting and story is good however it's very glitchy worse than skyrim was, camera on horse is bad, controlling can be clunky, as you mention no quick save unless you have the specific drink * saviour schnapps * game crashes freezes etc * playing on the one X * but with all it's flaws its still a cracking game, combat is hard but rewarding and i've spent so many hours on it already developers have mentioned they are working on it's faults, don't even try lock picking or pick pocketing lol
  5. it's really good, still liked ragnorok more and agree winter soldier is one of the best marvel movies to date, though I think Infinity War will take the title when its finally released
  6. it does look awesome can't wait too watch this, have you watched the recent Gotham By Gaslight that was good
  7. yeah it sucks when happens, i just get stuff delivered to work address now, they can't use the excuse of not being in etc some one always in to sign for packages lol
  8. jaferris

    XBox One X

    meant to put unlikely be able to play any region blu ray movie though , i was lucky got a really cheap blu ray player come in work like £20 haha , was a code which made it region free my gt is the same as on here jaferris add me
  9. jaferris

    XBox One X

    One X is awesome very happy with it,been playing a lot of Shadow Of War but it mainly gets used as 4k movie player haha @nefilim unlikely be able to make it region free so happy 4k movies are region free lol
  10. Happy 2018 Psychos ?

    1. ksosk


      Woohoo! Happy New Year @jaferris !!

    2. extantsrevenge


      Happy new year to you as well @jaferris

  11. back on the work grind ? , hope every one had a good Christmas and steelbook santa bought what you were after ?

  12. 4k discs are region free blu ray discs may be region locked
  13. if was released in cinema i think was just limited screens, defiantly one near me did show it , i had to wait to get it on DVD haha, fan of these types of movies though but they don't get much love for cinema screen time here
  14. just watched it was awesome shame came out so close to new Thor movie will get over shadowed and if planning to watch it make sure stay after movie two after credit scenes
  15. 2221469E-4C57-4E66-BD42-4BAAF8A4B0E2.thumb.jpeg.5ab6f2fe2216834bc44ba27f258b9d66.jpeg


    Gold members steelbook raffle prize delivered today, thanks again to site and @RhodW ?

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    2. ksosk


      That's a pretty fast delivery!

      The next raffle will be up soon?

    3. Scary Hair

      Scary Hair

      AWESOME  mega fast too . GREAT job RhodW THANK YOU ??

    4. Steelbookzombie


      Well done dude I'm really happy for you I know what its like to win here it's Mega-Awesome-Tastic B|B| 

  16. Any one else notice auto aspect ratio change on 4K videos , transformers last knight keeps changing every scene  it can’t make up its mind if wants to be full screen , letterbox etc ?

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    2. 45Caliber


      I've seen this happen even on standard blus, especially where there are IMAX segments. It bothered me a little in Grand Budapest Hotel where various filmstocks were used with the aspect ratios preserved on the transfer.

    3. jaferris


      it was driving me crazy, spoke to couple of people on instagram and like you said @45Caliber its to do with the imax segments at least wasnt just me being stupid like having the wrong tv settings haha 

    4. dahyl


      Off the top of my head, it happens in The Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises. It also happens in the 3D versions of Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and 2. I'm sure there are others as well.

  17. nice if not sold out by next friday * pay day * will deff get this one and Phase 2
  18. looks awesome, can't wait to watch this ?
  19. finally an update ? tweet LIVE ON BLACK FRIDAY: #ZavviExclusive Blade Steelbook Blu-Ray.
  20. last half of the movie was good, took a while to get good and pretty messed up haha
  21. pacific rim in 4k looks really impressive old movie but 4k conversion for fifth element as well

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