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  1. Hmmm (c) The Witcher ..... this is a site i've not come across before in my search for 2 disc digi-trays. So......thank you Cesarleeds, i think this has potential, lol. i'm prepared for a multi- unit, preferably 50 for future endeavors. and yes, sizing will keep me on my toes.
  2. Thank you @ Veum. i see a link under DVD CASES : digi-trays, but there isn't any stock under the link?!!? i will file the site and keep a lookout for updates. thanks again.
  3. and may i add, i LOVE digi-paks, but... only when they're 4 panels or more when they fold out. So... if the package of these digi-paks is only a 3 panel foldout, i will pause on ordering in the future, but i digress, will wait and see what it looks like in hand. also, if anyone knows where you can order two disc trays( for the diy collectors) to replace single trays in digi-paks AND/OR digi-books, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated because i can't find any?
  4. i like art of the animation. haven't seen the film, but interested enough in the art to wish for future editions(digipack or premium steelbook). fingers crossed.
  5. if it gets a one-click, hope it gets a hard box (like that of Kick-Ass). i wish all their future one-clicks have closed hard boxes!
  6. showing out of stock. hope that's because of a future release date?
  7. i'm in the group buy Heat, but was waiting for lnterstellar group buy. if so, thanks for the info, and i will definitely be signing up.
  8. yes, looking forward as well to The Prestige release and my 1st UHD purchase, (i think).
  9. silly me; it appears i signed up some time ago, and just forgot i'd done so. i'm going to have to keep up with these pre-registrations.
  10. Cancelled a pre-order in anticipation for whatever packaging FA will have for this favorite of my teenage years. so look forward to the group buy!
  11. Awaiting some beauty shots before signing up, but hope to see some soon.
  12. Can moderators remove my single order of the lenticular slip and keep my order of the lenticular slip, full slip A and full slip B please.
  13. from the poster art above, wow. that needs a steelbook and a premium one-click to present it. i'm just gonna hope some one else picks this release up and use that art!
  14. good question, but i know they wouldn't leave that out since the standard steels are 4K inclusive (would they?), and i so hope they use different artwork for the steel contra the standard edition (see Bestbuy) as well. just because, i might have to await the BS (beauty shots, lol).

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