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  1. so if i order the 3 editons of forest gump, would i get the hardbox edition when the orders ship?
  2. Recved mined today, and oh boy. it's my 4th Hdzeta OC, and i think my favorite premium retailer at the moment. don't have pics since i don't do alot with my phone, but might get my son to help me change that soon. Thank you MP!
  3. sentimental favorite from my teenage years, while coming of age after a viewing. haha, what a good memory.
  4. hello moderator, could you list me for only 1 copy of the digipack. there was a error prompt after i submitted my request, and subsequent prompts after i kept trying, thus ( i see now) why i have multiple request on the open page for the edition. thank you.
  5. 'Whoaaaaaa Nelly', the OC ... just got delivered #722 (our address, by the way) and i'm just beaming inside. It's gorgeous, and that's just from the outside view of the sealed box. i don't think i will be opening it, i just can't right now, lol. since i'm in a group buy for another edition of this movie, i'll probably have to open that one, but then, we'll see.... THANK YOU, MP!
  6. thanks for posting, made me open mine, and yes, the booklet containing the postcards has off-white smudging on the inner boards. i used my gloves that i open premium box sets with to smudge the stains out, which worked, thankfully. the journal booklet had creasing liked it had been opened and looked at (don't know if that's customs or postoffice doing, but annoying nevertheless). that's all i can find with mine bifi, so hope you can rub out that staining like i did, and thanks again for the post.
  7. JUst recieved today, and oh boy, in hand, a knockout! i will be on board for more(pre-registered, so no choice) because i'm loving that hard box. .....and if in the future, we can get some 4+ panel fold outs in the digi, i will be in heaven!
  8. Hmmm (c) The Witcher ..... this is a site i've not come across before in my search for 2 disc digi-trays. So......thank you Cesarleeds, i think this has potential, lol. i'm prepared for a multi- unit, preferably 50 for future endeavors. and yes, sizing will keep me on my toes.

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