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  1. A steelbook with a slip? Best of both worlds!
  2. Does anyone know which size of the plastic slipcovers is best for EverythingBlu releases? Thanks!
  3. I'm looking forward to the art but I'm disappointed this won't include the 4K. It's odd that's planned for a separate release.
  4. "Whenever you come in here and interrupt me, you're breaking my concentration. You're distracting me. And it will then take me time to get back to where I was. You understand?" I LOVE this film! Thank you for this generous offer, @R1s1ngs0n!
  5. The Kimchi website lists a January 28 release. Is that accurate? (If so, YES!)
  6. I owned and cherished this edition for several years. I sold my copy on eBay this year after learning that Criterion is releasing it soon. That said, if a beautiful English-friendly deluxe edition gets released, I'll happily get that too! (I have Criterion's Parasite and the Zavvi 4K steelbook and didn't hesitate to sign up for Injoingan's upcoming versions. There's no such thing as too much Bong Joon-Ho!)
  7. Very excited for this! However, is it confirmed that there will NOT be a 3D disc? (If not, 😫)
  8. Aggggh I realize the GB closed just a half hour before I signed on! Curse my bad timing. Is there any chance this GB might reopen? Or is there another way I can get this edition? It was by far my favorite film of last year (and probably of the last decade)...
  9. Wow, I'm sad I missed this GB... 😥 If only I'd known to check at 3:00 AM my time.
  10. Thank you @deckard99 and @mgurau! I'm going to use the Zavvi group buy for the first time for this as well.
  11. True. But if this is anything like The Shining or Full Metal Jacket special 4K editions, it will have a sturdy outer slipbox, which has a better chance of surviving intact.
  12. Great question! I'd like to know too as I have several EB editions - and plan to get more soon!
  13. This is my favorite movie so golddarnit I'm going to have to buy the 4K again.
  14. I can't wait for this to show up! I've been following all the information about numbered editions. So are the ones in this GB numbered? Or are the numbered ones (only 750) already assigned to registered members of the FilmArena site? Apologies, I'm still new to a lot of this!

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