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  1. I can't wait for this to show up! I've been following all the information about numbered editions. So are the ones in this GB numbered? Or are the numbered ones (only 750) already assigned to registered members of the FilmArena site? Apologies, I'm still new to a lot of this!
  2. I also have the digibook sets which I quite like. I don't have any other TV series packaged that way. I'm glad I got in an order for this EverythingBlu set! Each release has been a knockout and I expect the same from this one. BTW I messaged them recently to ask if they would be doing Jaws, and they said it's not on their schedule. So I'm curious what's coming after this!
  3. Will this be a BD only? Or is there a chance 4K will be included? Thanks!
  4. What a terrific surprise! I came very close to ordering the UK DVD but was hoping it would get a BD release somewhere. Anyway, I can't wait! This will pair nicely with my PA edition of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. 😁
  5. Hello! When might we expect to see the art for this and the Homecoming set? Thanks!
  6. Any chance they will release 4K/3D editions of Marvel movies that only had 3D editions (since those movies finally got 4K releases last year)? I'm thinking specifically of Dr. Strange and Thor: Ragnarok. 😁
  7. Wow, I just got my set. It's stunning! Now I wish I'd ordered two so I could keep one of them sealed, haha. Will WeET be released Endgame as well?
  8. Somehow I missed this edition and am just learning about it. D'oh! Does ANYONE has a minty Full Slip A version they're willing to sell or trade? I'm happy to trade the WCL 2001 Deluxe 4K/everything box. Thanks!
  9. Welcome to our new member chucktatum

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