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  1. LOL paid my invoice ages ago for 1/4 slip then totally forgot all about it! Only just caught up on what's going on!😂🤣
  2. Ironically im watching an exercise infomercial because I am to lazy to get the remote! 

  3. You'll never guess what I've started collecting...
  4. Apparently everyone was expecting a pre order on Friday morning but zavvi said they had made a mistake and it was actually a buy it now! How do you get confused between pre-order and buy it now! I was gonna purchase a copy but i had received a payment request for FilmArena edition of Venom and my group buy commitments come first and that was all my pocket money gone!
  5. Celebrating getting 2000 followers on Instagram today! The steelbook community is awesome! 

  6. I would definitely support a Most Handsome Zombie award. 👍
  7. New arrival in the zombie dungeon and its flipping AWESOME! Replacement Blufans The Last Jedi Double Lenticular. I received the original shall we say slightly defective thanks to the infamous China Post. SUPER MASSIVE THANKS to the legendary @DodgyDave and @Masterblaster for securing me a replacement copy.
  8. So @CaliFTW83 your gonna photograph your MCU collection! That must mean you've hired out an aircraft hanger for the floor space and roped in the national guard to assist you! ?

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