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  1. Hi @Scary Hair I was discussing this in another thread with @Gremlins Took this quote from Gremlins "i recall it being brought up as a special gift given to those who get the 1 clicks. I never saw myself tagged in anything to confirm" I concur this as well. What changed? Or are we getting them since we did the one-click? I have reached out to Jon and others.
  2. Thank you @Scary Hair. I appreciate the help. I had bought three boxsets for this. I wish I had kept more vigilance on this.
  3. Hi @Scary Hair I would like 2 motherboxes for my sets. I have not seen a link. Should I request it here?
  4. Any rough estimate on pricing for this type of release? Trying to figure out 1 or 2. I missed the WEET GB
  5. Looks amazing! Zaavi sold out. I would love to get a steelbook of this as well.
  6. @airwins #BetAgainstUs
  7. @airwins Love the in and out spin! LOL You on the reddit patriots channel ? some awesome memes!
  8. Don't want to jinx anything, I think score would be much closer. I am concerned about the inside pass rush. Donald and Suh scary combo. Our defense might be strong for a bit until they find our weaknesses.. SD and KC exploit it too late...
  9. @airwins I live in SoCal, but have been a Pats fan for years. I'm there with you!
  10. @ksosk Thanks for sharing buddy! Looks incredible. Salivating to get my hands on these!

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