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  1. Actor Billy Drago. role was Frank Nitti from the movie The Untouchables(1987).
  2. I was wondering if there is anyway I can get a motherbox for the Dark Knight Trilogy. I didn’t see the GB for this until after it closed out and been bummed about it since I bought the all 3 of Dark Knight One-Click GB thru this website. Just hoping u guys got a few extra leftovers.
  3. @goose_3387 I really like it and thank u very much. Sorry I wasn’t able to reply last few days but been little sick and working harder than normal at work last few days. So let me know how I can make it my permanent banner.
  4. @goose_3387 I still don’t have a banner but I was trying to think of a scene or few scenes from The Godfather film. Was either thinking of Marlon Brando during his meetings with many different families during the wedding scenes at the beginning of film or Al Pacino at the end of the film when he becomes The Godfather. Perhaps u could make one with both of them on the banner with The Godfather Name in between the two or something like that. Send me an example and I’ll let u know if I like it.
  5. Hi @Masterblaster, Could u send me the link I am not able to find the link to buying a Tier Membership. Thanks in advance. Robert aka The Godfather.
  6. Is there a way we can contact a certain person via private message or conversation. Can’t seem to find that.
  7. I just joined this website earlier this morning. I’m still learning to use this website. The one thing I can’t find on top of my page is the inbox, where is it.
  8. Welcome to our new member The Godfather

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