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ksosk's Feedback

  1. AnnStellCol left Positive feedback   

    Thank you for Sense and Sensibility Mlife edition!

    ksosk was The Seller

  2. AnnStellCol left Positive feedback   

    Thank you very much for all GBs since I'm here!!

    ksosk was The Seller

  3. Maverick left Positive feedback   

    Thank for these awesome cards KS ??????

    ksosk was Trading

  4. Guiltybyproxy left Positive feedback   

    Couldn't have asked for a better seller. Very friendly, welcoming, and honest. Thank you for making the transaction amazing! Travis

    ksosk was The Seller

  5. Rograt left Positive feedback   

    Huge big thanks KS for the great comms and well packed BR2049 I just received. Definitely worth the wait! Pleasure to deal with and thanks again top man AAA+++

    ksosk was The Seller

  6. Guiltybyproxy left Positive feedback   

    Just an outstanding seller, and an overall great person. I would recommend to anyone to buy or trade with ksosk. I am thrilled to have gotten to converse and feel welcome. Thank you so much!!

    ksosk was The Seller

  7. atomicblonde left Positive feedback   

    KS is the sweetest human being I've ever met and the best person to get anything from. He went above and beyond for me to ensure I got something I almost completely missed out on and everything was packed with the utmost care. Thank you so much KS. Love you!!

    ksosk was The Seller

  8. 45Caliber left Positive feedback for a topic   

    La La Land (Manta Lab Exclusive #07) (WEA Blu-ray Steelbook) [Hong Kong]
    It's hard to express how much I enjoy getting things from KS. You can always be certain the the utmost care and consideration has gone into the packages he sends and it brightens my day to receive them every time.

    ksosk was The Seller

  9. 45Caliber left Positive feedback   

    He pays me for stuff before I ask and sends me stuff I'm not expecting. If there's a better person to trade with, I've yet to meet them.

    ksosk was Trading

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