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  1. My motherbox has been well received on the outside. Unfortunately, the box itself has a few quirks. The edge and corner are damaged and there are pressure marks on the front. I wonder if no one at Hdzeta is doing quality checks before shipping. The box is undamaged. The box must have been damaged before shipping. Well, I guess there's nothing you can do. Regards, Oliver
  2. Oh, is it still possible? DL please. Thank you very much.
  3. Ok, thanx for Feedback! Too bad I'm back at the hospital for a few days and I miss that. That's life!
  4. stop using inappropriate language, it's too late for me?
  5. The Box arrived me! Thank you! But i'am waiting for Single-Lenticular Edition (Not in Boxset). Can you help me, or is the release for this edition later?
  6. One Question about my GB-Order: I have updated my order from OneClick to DL & SL. Could anyone to change this on the list?
  7. Hi,


    Unfortunately I forgot my update fpr Hdzeta Blade Runner 2049 GB. Is that still possible?




    1. DodgyDave



      Update in the info and chat for Hdz BR2049

  8. Dear Ann,


    hope, you are fine!


    Could you cancel my Justice League Double-Lenti-Order? Sorry!


    I have ordered the Box today, i prefer this rather than the Double-Lenti.


    Good night & regards from Germany,


    1. Benoit46


      Please @hanoli

      Post your request HERE

      Thanks ?

    2. hanoli


      oh, sorry! Mea culpa! Thank you!

    3. Benoit46


      it is better for us to have a record of each update on the best place ?

      Thanks for your understanding 

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